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What exactly are Litigation Support services?

When entrusted with carrying out a lawsuit, lawyers delegate some obligations to litigation support experts in order to achieve a quick, cost-effective, and, preferably, favorable end to their case. These obligations often involve time-consuming work that does not need a lawyer’s skill or a high hourly cost, such as eDiscovery, legal writing, and other similar chores.

Litigation support experts may work for a legal firm or for a specialist litigation support agency. They may employ a range of tools and technologies to help them in their duties, such as document management and presentation software.

What the qualifications of Litigation Support professionals?

Professionals in Litigation Support services have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as paralegal studies, legal studies, computer science, or information management. Some may also have a master’s degree or a graduate certificate in a related field.

Many litigation support workers also obtain valuable skills and experience via internships, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training in addition to formal schooling. Professional certifications, such as the Certified Litigation Support Professional (CLSP) or the Certified eDiscovery Specialist (CEDS), may also be obtained by some to show their skill and dedication to the profession.

Who needs Litigation Support services?

The demand for professional Litigation Support services has been rising over the years. This is due to the variety of entities that benefit from these services.

Attorneys and paralegals

Attorneys, paralegals, and other legal professionals commonly utilize litigation support services while preparing for and conducting litigation. Civil litigation, criminal litigation, and other sorts of legal processes may be included.

Plaintiffs and defendants

Plaintiffs and defendants, as well as law firms, companies, government agencies, and other entities participating in judicial procedures, may employ litigation support services. Individuals may also employ litigation support experts to aid them with their own legal affairs in specific situations.

Legal document management

Litigation assistance services are especially beneficial in handling a significant number of papers, electronic data, or other sophisticated evidence. These services may assist legal practitioners in reviewing and analyzing pertinent material, identifying discoverable evidence, and preparing for trial or other legal processes.

litigation support services

Multilingual legal matters are complicated and require experienced translators who can deliver precise translation services on-budget and on-time. LingArch’s highly experienced team of professional legal translators are trusted by law firms worldwide to assist with legal translation and support extensive, multilingual litigation involving complex foreign-language documents. Some of our legal translation practices include:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • International Litigation & Arbitration
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Patent Litigation
  • Antitrust
  • Securities litigation

Our legal transcription team will ensure that your transcripts remain confidential and are transcribed to the utmost accuracy. All of our transcription projects are carried out by specialists in this field with minimum of 7 years of experience.  We offer various types of transcription services for your litigation needs:

  • Tribunal and court transcriptions
  • Witness statements
  • Interviews
  • Board Meetings
  • Transcription for depositions
  • Transcription services for preliminary hearings
  • Police interviews
  • Legal pleadings
litigation support services
litigation support services

Legal Interpretation

LingArch’s qualified and certified interpreters provide legal interpretation services for courtroom appearances, depositions and arbitration hearings in 100+ languages. We ensure that all our Interpreters have vast experience in the legal industry, language expertise, and high-level knowledge of the subject matter at hand. We also provide confidential over-the-phone and video interpretation services. We offer various types of legal interpretation including:

Machine Translation (MT) helps lower costs and offers quick turnaround times for legal translation projects. It’s a convenient option for large volume projects which have budget constraints. How does machine translation work? Using MT translated documents will give clients a good understanding of the document and if the need arises for further accuracy, then the documents can then be reviewed by human translators to improve quality

Machine Translation
litigation support services

Document Review

Document translations and review are a time-consuming process which is of critical importance, at LingArch, our experts manage the process of document review for litigation, compliance matters and regulatory investigation. We partner with our clients to ensure the highest quality at an affordable cost for each and every project.

Why choose LingArch Legal Solutions for your litigation support needs?

LingArch provides all the support you could need for your litigation matters in one place—from scanning and transcription of foreign-language documents to offering certified translations for the appropriate documents for trial. Not only this, but we also offer machine translation which can assist in quick translation of documents that are required urgently. At LingArch we are known for our work ethic and our cost-effective solutions. Our team of legal professionals have broad knowledge and understanding of legal terminology and can efficiently and accurately translate any language to support you with your litigation needs.

We are also aware our clients have deadlines, especially during litigation processes, we can even accommodate those tight deadlines whilst maintaining the highest of standards and delivering precise litigation translations that meet our clients’ requirements and deadlines.

litigation support services

Litigation Support FAQs

Litigation support services are commonly required when executing a lawsuit where attorneys outsource certainly responsibilities which include ediscovery, legal drafting, document hosting, court reporting and document translation services. Litigation support services are often required by law firms during ongoing litigations.

Law firms outsource litigation support services for a number of reasons. Some of the key reasons include efficiency, scalability, agility and decreased liability.

We are responsive and understand that litigation support services can be required at any given time. That being said, we provide 24/7 support to our clients in order to meet their requirements. Moreover, we have decade long experience in assisting attorneys from pre-trial preparation to court proceedings.

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