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Why may law firms require legal translations to/from Russian?

When a law firm or another business is engaged in an international matter that requires them to work across multiple jurisdictions, they may need to understand a case, contract or legal document that presently only exists in an unfamiliar language. 

Any global law firm involved in a case in a jurisdiction where Russian is the primary or a widely spoken language, for instance, may need to translate legal documents from Russian to English, so that they can fully understand every detail in those documents. Due to increasing number of legal cases being heard in the UK courts, law firms have growing demand to translate large volume of legal documents from Russian into English. 

Apart from legal translation services, LingArch is able to cater clients in various other sectors which include financial services, public relations & advertising, healthcare and travel & hospitality.

Russian to English or English to Russian translations are often required by major financial institutions. If, for example, your company in England is taking over another company in a country where Arabic is the predominantly spoken language, translation services of exacting accuracy are likely to be crucial.

What Russian translation services do we offer?

As with our translation services in other parts of the world, it is our three-stage human translation service that is especially popular among those seeking English to Russian and Russian to English translation services. 

This particular service entails a native speaker completing a high-quality translation to English of the Russian text, or vice versa. Two other independent experts will then proofread the text to ensure correct style and terminology. 

Another service of ours, however, combines machine translation with human proofreading. If you request this service, your text will first be translated by a machine-based algorithm. In light, however, of the fact that machine translations are not always accurate, a post editing layer is then added. This involves a human being proofreading the text and making any corrections that may be necessary, that’s how machine translations work usually.

Finally, we can also translate legal documents between Russian and English using the machine-based algorithm alone. Please note that no human is involved in this particular process, which creates a higher risk of translation errors. This service is therefore one to choose for readers who simply desire basic information on what a given document states. 

arabic translation services
arabic translation services

Why may your business require specialized Russian healthcare translation services?

Healthcare facilities are intended to serve individuals from all over the world. As part of that, healthcare providers in Russian-speaking countries are often in a situation where their patients come from a foreign country, speak a different language, and even their medical documents are written in a different language. This is where Russian healthcare translation comes to eliminate the language barrier between the patient and their doctor and ensure a healthcare service that is as smooth and transparent as possible.  

What precision and accuracy are required for Russian translation?

Russian translation can sometimes be tricky if you are not paying close attention. Some of the challenges facing accurate translation to and from Russian include: 

Watching out for word endings

There are six cases in the Russian language: nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, instrumental, and prepositional. Thus, the ending of a noun in a Russian sentence is determined based on the case, gender, and number. If not handled with care, mixing them up can cause mistranslation issues. 

Translating whole sentences

When translating Russian text, it is sometimes tempting to split phrases apart, particularly if you are having trouble getting the hang of the language. However, Russian sentences have a distinct grammatical structure from English ones. Word choice and placement may also slightly affect the intended tone or mood. 

Context is critical

As a result of the fact that the Russian language has a smaller vocabulary than the English language does, the precise meaning of a Russian word is often determined by the context in which it is used. Thus, a word in the Russian language can have multiple meanings depending on where it appears in the sentence, for example. 

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What are some of the most comment mistakes in Russian translation?

These are 3 of the most common mistakes in translating Russian documents: 

Word repetition

In Russian, unlike in English, word repetition is considered a poor writing style and should therefore be avoided. Thus, repetition in professional Russian translation is either replaced with a pronoun or the whole phrase is often restructured to eliminate the repeat entirely. 

Translating whole sentences

When translating Russian text, it is sometimes tempting to split phrases apart, particularly if you are having trouble getting the hang of the language. However, Russian sentences have a distinct grammatical structure from English ones. Word choice and placement may also slightly affect the intended tone or mood. 

Word length and space issues

Many translation projects struggle with word length differences and Russian is no exception. The translation procedure may cause your content to overrun, ruining your layout or style. To avoid this issue, it is best to keep additional space in the source file so the text fits exactly without overflowing or being too tight. 

arabic translation services

Place your faith in the leading Russian translation professionals

Time and time again, global organisations contact LingArch when they require English to Russian or Russian to English translation services. The reason is simple: LingArch provides high quality translations on quick turnaround basis with no additional charges. Our dedicated account management teams provide seamless support services to our clients. 

Our stellar reputation in this field is based not just on the sheer breadth of our services, but also on our ISO-certified translations that represent the very highest quality, as well as our fast turnarounds. 

Indeed, we have various teams working on a 24/7 basis in different time zones, including over weekends. When, therefore, you need to quickly translate any document from Russian to English or the other way round, you can count on us delivering an impeccable service in a timely manner. 

Finally, we also take great pride in our pricing, which is highly competitive and flexible to meet the needs of different clients. To request your great-value quote from reputable industry experts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the LingArch team today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Russian Translation Services

If you have any business, educational, or legal affairs in Russia or any of the Russian-speaking countries, then chances are you will need to have your official documents translated into Russian. And this translation must be carried out by a certified translator or translation agency that is authorized and accredited by the government or institution that is requesting the document. Therefore, your best choice is to hire a world-class legal translation agency to take care of this intricate task for you. 

Figures and numbers are a natural element of any financial document, and we cannot oversee them. One challenge that may arise in this regard is that number formulation might vary depending on where you are on the globe from how you write numbers in your own country.

Thus, when localizing information, translators must grasp how to use commas and points in rendering numbers. This is an extremely sensitive aspect since any mistake can have significant, often catastrophic ramifications.