Why LingArch is the best choice for PR language services?

  • We work closely with global PR agencies
  • We provide a wide range of content management
  • A dedicated team to ensure a fast turnaround
  • We can provide interpretation services in over 100 languages

Advertising & PR Sector FAQs

At LingArch we are frequently working with global PR and communication agencies on multi-lingual projects. Some of the services that we routinely provide include translations, transcreation, voiceover, subtitling and transcription services.

This includes press releases, online and print media, case studies, interviews and corporate brochures to name a few.

Yes, LingArch is able to provide interpretation services in over 100+ languages.

Press releases get drafted and distributed around the world in short timeframes. When it comes to providing a quick turnaround, we have dedicated teams to handle projects with expedited turnaround without compromising on the quality.

Yes, we can transcribe multi- person speaker files.

Advertising & PR Sector Case Studies

The following case studies are real life examples of global companies we have worked with in the past, and still do today. Read them for more information.