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Why may you require Arabic legal document translation?

When a law firm or another business is engaged in an international matter that requires them to work across multiple jurisdictions, they may need to understand a case, contract or legal document that presently only exists in an unfamiliar language.

An English legal firm involved in a case in a jurisdiction where Arabic is the primary or a widely spoken language, for instance, may need legal document translation services from Arabic to English, so that they can fully understand every detail in the translation of documents.

We do not only provide Arabic legal translation expertise to law firms, however. That’s because we also cater to the financial, healthcare, advertising, travel, hospitality, and other sectors.

English to Arabic translation service or Arabic to English legal translation is also often needed for major financial transactions. If, for example, your company in England is taking over another company in a country where Arabic is the predominantly spoken language, translation services of exacting accuracy are likely to be crucial.

What Arabic legal English to Arabic translation service do we offer?

As with our translation services in other parts of the world, it is our three-stage human translation service that is especially popular among those seeking English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation services. 

This particular service entails a native speaker completing a high-quality translation to English of the Arabic text, or vice versa. Two other independent experts will then proofread the text to ensure correct style and terminology. 

Another service of ours, however, combines machine translation with human proofreading. If you request this service, your text will first be translated by a machine-based algorithm. In light, however, of the fact that machine translations are not always accurate, a post editing layer is then added. This involves a human being proofreading the text and making any corrections that may be necessary. 

Finally, we can also translate legal documents between Arabic and English using the machine-based algorithm alone. Please note that no human is involved in this particular process, which creates a higher risk of translation errors. This service is therefore one to choose for readers who simply desire basic information on what a given document states or prefer to use the translation for informational use only. 

arabic translation services

What are the challenges of translating Arabic legal documents?

When it comes to translating Arabic legal documents, several challenges arise, including the following:

Differences between legal systems

Legal systems vary from one country to another. This is especially the case when comparing Arabic to Western legal systems. As such, the Arabic legal translator’s main challenge is to be fully familiar with these specific changes and take them into account while reflecting the original document into the target language as accurately as possible.

Cultural considerations

Cultural differences between English and Arabic are substantial. While the context of legal terminology in English is tied to Common Law, no such ties exist between Common Law and Arab or Islamic Civil Law. Hence legal translations are complicated by the fact that the terminology used in the law is both culture-bound and system-specific, making it difficult to translate across different legal systems.

Lexical barriers

Due to the lack of a common legal vocabulary across languages, such as Arabic and English, translators must constantly compare the legal systems of the two languages. Because each culture and language has its own ‘legalese’ for communicating legal matters, a translator’s job is made more difficult by the need to switch between various registers and styles.

Issues related to English legal language

English legal language contains obsolete terms such as “hereof,” “hereby,” and “thereby” despite modernization attempts. Moreover, Latin terminology with Middle English origins is also frequent in legal English, including “ad hoc”, “de facto”, “mutatis mutandis”, and “ab initio.” Arabic, however, has no equivalent terms. This often makes it cumbersome to translate between the two languages.

What are the requirements for a certified translation from Arabic to English and vice versa?

There are 2 main criteria that must be met in a certified, reliable translation from Arabic to English or vice versa:

Politico-cultural correctness

Due to the vast cultural differences between the two worlds, a translator between Arabic and English must not be well-versed in the intricacies of both cultures, he/she should also be able to accurately translate or explain their cultural aspects in the target language.


Legal document translation services certified in Arabic need the services of a professional and specialized translator who can give maximum levels of precision and quality. The licensed Arabic translator must also be knowledgeable with both the source and destination languages’ legal terminology.

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arabic translation services

Why may you require specialized Arabic healthcare translation agency?

The healthcare industry has its own unique medical terminologies. It is this unique language which helps healthcare and medical practitioners understand one another. Therefore, all translators need to be familiar with these medical terms when working on medical terminology translation from Arabic to English. It is imperative for translators working in the industry to recognise and comprehend medical terms because they are dealing with human lives where even a small error can potentially hurt the medical practitioners and their patients.

Translation of medical and healthcare terminology requires in depth knowledge and expertise of the matter. It could be that some Arabic medical terms do not have an equivalent in English which could present a challenge to some medical translators, however LingArch’s professional translators know their target audience and deliver precise translations.

Why may you require Arabic financial translation services?

As Dubai is a financial hub for Middle East due to many international organisations investing heavily in their operations, it is essential for companies to translate their financial documents into Arabic.  For instance, investor information documents, leaflets, investment fund reports, activity reports, annual reports, bank documents and audit reports.

However, Arabic financial translation is a complicated task which requires comprehensive knowledge of financial terminology and great expertise in this area. Therefore, for a high-quality result, you need to find professional translation company to manage your financial translation requirements. Only specialist companies have the capacity to demonstrate the precision and rigor required for this type of work, by avoiding mistakes and inaccuracies that can lead to serious repercussions.

arabic translation services
arabic translation services

Why may PR firms require English to Arabic translation service? 

Increasingly, PR and advertising firms are now getting their footprints in the Middle East in order to expand their international outreach.  Due to this reason, PR agencies are often tasked by their clients to translate press releases, brochures, market research questionnaires, written adverts, and in-house newsletters and magazines on behalf of their clients. Over the years, LingArch has partnered with numerous PR agencies by helping them translate content into Arabic for their Middle Eastern clients.

Place your faith in the leading Arabic legal translation professionals

Time and time again, law firms and other clients contact LingArch when they require English to Arabic or Arabic to English legal translation. Our stellar reputation in this field is based not just on the sheer breadth of our services, but also on our ISO-certified translations that represent the very highest quality, as well as our fast turnarounds.

Indeed, we have various teams working on a 24/7 basis in different time zones, including over weekends. When, therefore, you need to quickly translate legal documents from Arabic to English or the other way round, you can count on us delivering an impeccable service in a timely manner.

Finally, we also take great pride in our pricing, which is highly competitive and flexible to meet the needs of different clients. To request your great-value quote from reputable industry experts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the LingArch team today.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Arabic Translation Services

At LingArch, we have a team of Arabic-speaking translators from various parts of the Arabian world. As native speakers of their own languages and local dialects with 10+ years’ worth of experience, these professionals are fully capable of handling any Arabic translation project they encounter with maximum accuracy and efficiency while being aware of the cultural difficulties in translation from English to Arabic and vice versa.

At LingArch, all translation projects are primarily handled manually by professional translators to ensure maximum accuracy and authenticity and avoid common mistakes in Arabic to English Translation. That is, everything from the pre-translation, translation, and quality assurance.

We give top priority to tackling every last part of the project by hand to make sure the final product is perfect and flawless. However, we do tend to utilize certain special software for project management and automation purposes to streamline our workflows and boost productivity.

Translation reviews and evaluations are all handled by our powerful QA team that includes professional Arabic translators and linguists. These professionals’ main mission is to assess every document through and through to ensure it is completely flawless and in full accordance with the standards and the clients’ requirements.

Arabic is widely spoken across Middle East and North Africa therefore a lot of industries use this language to communicate.  We frequently work with law firms, consulting firms, financial institutions, insurance groups, communications and public relations agencies and pharmaceutical companies. Our aim is to provide high quality and affordable translation services from English into Arabic and vice versa.

We work on all sorts of deadlines given by our clients and believe in providing customized solution for our clients. Translations can be delivered from anywhere between 24 – 48 hours depending on the volume of words to be translated. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

A human translator can translate up to 2,500 words a day therefore 24 hours is the standard turnaround however this volume can be scaled by adding multiple linguists in order to manage larger projects with tight deadlines.

In order to deliver flawless translations, a legal translator has to be native speaker of the target language, experienced in that particular subject matter and is fluent in the language he/she is translating into. At LingArch, we only add those translators into our linguist database that have the above mentioned qualities. These translators are rigorously tested from time to time to ensure that they meet our criteria.

Yes, we often receive requests from our clients to translate physical bundle of documents from Arabic into English and vice versa. We have dedicated teams to handle large volume of documents on quick turnaround basis.

Yes, we have a dedicated weekend team to assist our clients with any rush projects. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your requirements.

Indeed, we are a certified translation agency and can provide certification as part of any translation project.