Hindi legal translation can be required in various different contexts

As one of the world’s most widely spoken first languages, Hindi remains hugely influential. This also means that it continues to have a strong presence in legal documents, particularly in India.

However, law firms and other organisations that are not well-versed in Hindi may sometimes require texts in this language to be translated both quickly and accurately, so that they can understand every detail.

Your own law firm may encounter Hindi documents in an international case, and therefore need to have them translated into English. This would enable you to confidently proceed and make the best-informed decisions.

Alternatively, you might be a company in another industry such as healthcare, finance, consulting, advertising or public relations. Such firms may be involved in mergers, such as between a company in England and one in India, or vice versa. In these circumstances, legal documents may change hands and require timely and high-quality translation services.

Why trust LingArch rather than other Hindi legal translation experts?

This is an important question, given that we are not the only company that can provide professional legal translation services from English to Hindi, or the other way round.

First of all, we are absolutely committed to the very highest standards in our translations – time and time again. We use native linguistic and legal experts based around the world, and are proud to offer ISO-certified translations.

Secondly, we offer various options for Hindi legal translation to help ensure you benefit from a translation that suits both your practical and budgetary requirements. We are highly competitive and flexible with our pricing to cater to the needs of different clients.

A third major reason to choose LingArch for the translation of legal documents between English and Hindi is the rapid turnaround we can provide – expedited turnaround also being available for an additional fee. But even if you don’t select this option, we have teams working over the weekend and in different time zones, so you can expect both fast and high-quality translation.

Seek your quote today from our legal and linguistic professionals

We can give you a choice of three services for your Hindi legal translation. The most often requested of these is our three-stage human translation service. This service is performed entirely by well-qualified human beings, with one native speaker undertaking the initial translation. Two independent professionals then proofread the text to ensure every aspect of the style and terminology is correct.

We also, however, offer a service that combines machine translation services with human proofreading, and finally a third service, which uses automated translation alone, with no human intervention. The latter service, however, is recommended specifically for instances when the client simply wishes to understand the basic meaning of the translated text.

To learn more about having your documents translated between Hindi and English and to request your free competitive quote, please feel free to contact us now.