Types of translations required within tourism and hospitality industry

Travel and hospitality industry requires translation services on regular basis. The first and foremost requirement is to translate their website into different languages so that their target audience is able to visit and gather relevant information in their native language. Apart from website translation, hotels and tourism companies have frequent requirement to translate marketing brochures, flyers and press releases in order to reach out to global audience.

As part of their hospitality, hotels often have the need to translate food and beverage related menus for their guests so that the ones who are unable to read English. Hotels tend to have multilingual staff to cater their guests therefore in order to train their staff, hotels often have to translate their training and other learning & development modules in order to keep their employees well informed about hotel policies and other job-related responsibilities. All in all, hotels and other tourism and hospitality related companies have frequent requirements for hospitality translation services.

Challenges associated with hospitality related translation services

Translation process can be challenging and demanding at the same time since it requires right experience and attention to detail to ensure everything is accurately translated and correct meaning is passed across to the readers. One of the main challenges in providing hospitality translations is to find experienced translators who have ample experience translating hospitality and tourism related content without providing literal translation. Hospitality translations are done in a creative manner and require creativity to capture the message therefore finding the right individuals of the native language is a challenge.

At LingArch, we have a dedicated team of translators specialized in providing hospitality and tourism related translation services to cater our clients so that they are able to get their message across to global audience. Another challenge which is significant when providing hospitality translation is to be culturally appropriate and be aware of cultural sensitivity when translating content.

Common practices and guidelines when providing hospitality translation services

Translation service providers have a huge responsibility when working with clients to ensure that their translations are accurate. In order to ensure accuracy and consistency in their deliverables, translation companies have to follow guidelines to make sure that their work is acceptable and ready to be used. Below are some of the key guidelines to be followed when providing hospitality translation services:

1. Always use a native speaker of the target language.

2. Translations to be proofread multiple times to avoid any typos or grammatical errors.

3. Assign a translator who is well-versed in the field of hospitality translation and has extensive experience within the same industry.

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Travel & Hospitality Sector FAQs

The travel and hospitality industry has grown rapidly over the past few years. This growth has led to companies creating marketing content to reach out to their global audience to increase their revenue.

LingArch has managed numerous projects for companies within the travel and hospitality industry. This includes websites, brochures, fact sheets, menus, guest packs, emails and customer satisfaction surveys.

LingArch has extensive experience managing multilingual projects. We have successfully carried out projects where clients were able to understand the challenges of entering global markets. Apart from our experience, we are also ISO certified.

As a part of the travel and hospitality industry, it is essential for any business to welcome and communicate with it’s customers in their own language. This is one gesture that shows that you truly care about them.

Translation services are frequently required in a number of sectors and one sector which requires translation services is travel and hospitality sector. Hotel and other travel companies rely on translation companies to translate their marketing and communications related content for their global target audience in order to reach out to them.

Travel & Hospitality Sector Case Studies

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