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A prelude to German language and culture

About 100,000,000 people in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland speak German as their native language. It’s one of Switzerland’s official languages and the official language of Germany and Austria. In addition to being the most widely spoken language in Germany, it is the second most spoken language in Switzerland and the third most spoken language in Austria.

German is a relatively inflected language, meaning that the ends of words may vary based on their grammatical significance in a sentence. It contains four cases: nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative. The German language, like English, distinguishes between masculine, feminine, and neuter nouns.

The history, geography, and political system of Germany all play a role in shaping the country’s unique culture. Germany has a long and rich cultural past, with contributions in different sectors including literature, music, art, and science. Some renowned German cultural personalities include Goethe, Schiller, Beethoven, and Einstein!

What are the challenges of German to English translation services?

Translating from German to English, or vice versa, may provide a number of difficulties. Among the difficulties are:


The grammatical structures of German and Spanish are similarly intricate and full of rules and peculiarities. Since this is the case, it might be challenging to achieve an exact translation between the two languages.


There are a lot of words and phrases in German and Spanish that do not have an exact equivalent in the other language. Because of this, finding the appropriate translational terminology might be difficult.

Idioms and expressions

There are numerous German and Spanish idioms and phrases that simply do not have direct equivalents in other languages. For this reason, it may be challenging to express the same concept in the target language.

Cultural intricacies

Culture has a role in how words and phrases are conveyed in both German and Spanish, and the two languages may vary greatly. To guarantee a suitable and accurate translation, it is crucial that the translator be well-versed in both cultures of the languages involved.

Why place your faith in our English to German legal translation services?

As Europe’s largest economy, Germany – officially named the Federal Republic of Germany – is a major draw for many businesses. If you are to undertake business in Germany or if you’re involved in any ongoing litigation support services within Germany, you can count on us to meet your language requirements.

We are proud to report that we are more than up to this task. Skilled and experienced human translators handle our German legal translation work. This includes native German-speaking qualified linguists with over seven years’ experience of legal document translation services. Our human process includes language translation, editing and proofreading.

Alternatively, time constraints may prompt you to choose our machine translation option. If so, our German speakers can provide a post-machine translation review of the text to ensure the work has been thoroughly checked and the meaning is not lost.

The consequences of using an inaccurately-translated legal document can be costly to all parties involved in the given legal transaction. However, our translators can ensure an accurate and efficient translation of documents result – all without our client having to pay a heavy upfront cost just for the privilege.

Why your German legal documents must be translated precisely

It’s important that, regardless of the language in which a legal document is provided, this document’s terms and clauses are consistently understood in the manner intended. Misunderstandings about the document’s content could be expensive for the affected parties.

Therefore, if you need English to German translation service or German to English legal translation, quirks between these languages have to be accounted for. These could be quirks that alter how a document’s information is interpreted – causing financial or reputational disaster.

We always put the client’s needs at the forefront

Here at LingArch, we cover a broad remit with our language services. However, our clients tend to call upon us especially often for our work in foreign-language legal translations.

We have a team of dedicated translators, editors and proofreaders who, in converting words of your legal documentation from one language to another, can capture every last nuance of the original text. As our translators natively speak the language into which they translate documents, they can keep in mind any linguistic peculiarities that may stand in the way of an accurate translation.

Whether you would like us to translate your legal text from German into English or vice versa, you can ask us to assign the entire task to a human translator or let a machine undertake some of the work. This is possible with our post edited machine translation service.

With this service, the translation would be provided in basic form by an algorithm before a member of our team highly knowledgeable in the relevant languages and legal matters further edits and polishes up the text, culminating in a highly accurate translation.

Clients typically choose our entirely human translation service for multilingual court reporting proceedings and other distributional purposes. Clients simply wishing to understand the meaning of a given document for internal usage, meanwhile, are likely to be best served by our machine translation service.

Whichever of our legal translation solutions you choose, we also offer an expedited service whereby we can complete the entire legal translation assignment to a tough deadline.

What qualifications do our German to English translators have?

At LingArch, we primarily focus on hiring highly skilled native-speaking professionals for all the languages we provide, and our German translation team is no exception. They are a team of certified professionals, all based in German-speaking countries with a proven record of experience in the field.

But it does not stop here. Along with our professional German translation team, there is a team of eagle-eyed editor, proofreaders, and QA experts whose mission is to make sure all translated documents are completely flawless before handing them over to the client.

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