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  • The Client

    Founded in 1866, this client is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies.

    With annual sales of over $100 billion and a global network of more than 260,000 employees, the company has operations in almost every country in the world.

    The Challenge

    To target the growing Hispanic market in the United States, the client initiated a company-wide bilingual packaging directive for all existing product lines. Faced with over 1,200 SKUs spread across many different divisions, they knew that adding english to spanish translation service to their US packaging would be a daunting task.

    Because the company’s various divisions work independently of one another and each has its own set of regulatory requirements, pulling all the pieces together in an organized fashion to have a successful campaign would take careful planning and cooperation.

    To further complicate matters, the clients typesetting and graphics processes for product packaging are controlled internally, meaning that any localisation company partnered with them would need to first provide translations of content and then proofread final packaging mechanical to ensure that no errors were introduced during the desktop publishing process.

    The Solution

    As the preferred localisation firm for food and beverage companies worldwide, and with extensive knowledge of bilingual packaging requirements and industry regulations in the United States, LingArch proved to be an invaluable resource for the client. We conducted extensive research on specific FDA translations requirements for bilingual packaging in the US and how they related to their particular situation.

    After the findings were presented, LingArch and the client worked together to develop a strategy to carry out the language translation service project. LingArch established guidelines outlining all procedures from submission to delivery and worked directly with the client to create a customized process that allowed each division to request and receive translation projects in compliance with its respective internal regulatory controls.

    A customized communication plan was established for contacting a dedicated point of contact for the submission of projects. In addition, a master glossary was created and updated after each project. As a result of its close collaboration with LingArch, the client now has a standardized set of procedures for translation – and more importantly, for bilingual packaging – that remains consistent across its many diverse product lines.