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International Audio Transcription Services

LingArch is a full-service language agency in the UK specialising in professional audio transcription services uk. For more than 20 years, we’ve provided expert transcriptions to our clients worldwide with the highest standard of transparency, security, and ethics.

We’re committed to helping our clients succeed across all platforms through our premium global online transcription services. It’s through our foundation of integrity, innovation, and client satisfaction that LingArch has become the premium transcription company of choice for transcription services in the UK.

Audio Transcription Services in the UK

Our professional transcription services involve converting audio or video recordings into a written format. As a top professional transcription company in the UK, we deliver quality transcriptions with precision and efficiency.

Our team of certified linguists has the language capabilities to transcribe your content with unmatched accuracy. Learn how LingArch’s professional transcription services can help you add accessibility to your content and increase efficiency.


Take a look at our full range of professional transcription services

Television Shows

Television is a vibrant medium that requires accuracy and care, to avoid misinterpretations and inaccuracies to ensure constant entertainment

Our multimedia translation and transcription services can be customised to meet the needs of our clients in the television industry. Our highly experienced linguists can repurpose content for international audiences by providing subtitling services or dubbing in multiple languages.

Live Broadcast

From pre to post-production, putting together a television broadcast in the UK or abroad involves several industry professionals. Transcription plays an essential part in live television broadcasts as it allows for more accessible content both on the air and online.

As a top global transcription company, we can provide real-time transcription for live broadcasts suitable for onscreen translations to ensure your audience gets the full picture.

Accessibility in the electronic learning industry is essential to the success of a business’ onboarding and training.

Whether you’re a training course provider or an established business looking for an efficient way to train your international workforce, our training and e-learning transcription services can help. We provide verbatim transcriptions to transform your training translations modules, materials, and courses into relevant languages and mediums.

Transparency and precision are vital in healthcare, which is why clear communication is essential between healthcare professionals and patients. Misinterpretation or inaccuracies can significantly impact the validity of a medical document, which is why medical transcription services are important for medical resources, documents, prescriptions and more.

Our medical transcriptionists can transcribe voice-recorded medical reports dictated by physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners. We diligently transcribe medical reports, including voice files, notes taken during lectures, and other spoken material.

Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcription services are essential for legal, medical and financial documents that require highly accurate translations as there is no room for error in your transcribed content.

Our verbatim transcribers will write precisely what takes place, including pauses and broken sentences. Using our human transcription service to denote in verbatim everything that has been said ensures that no edits or paraphrasing take place, so you can be assured that what is transcribed is an accurate portrayal of events.

Business Transcription

Companies produce a significant amount of audio and video content every day, ranging from presentations to conference calls. Professional transcription allows you to keep detailed records of every meeting to take the appropriate next steps for your business.

Our business transcription services are customisable to your business’s needs and include fair and competitive pricing.

Academic Transcription

Accuracy in academia is essential, whether you’re working in the UK or internationally. Without it, you risk losing important details and documenting inaccurate findings.

Our academic transcription services are designed to analyse and record written content through a straightforward and transparent process, from lectures to focus groups.

We’re dedicated to bringing the best transcription services for qualitative research for any academic project. 

Machine Transcriptions

If you are dealing with a large volume of information that needs transcribing in another language, machine translation or automated transcription services offer an efficient solution. While this may not be suitable for sensitive documents, it provides a speedy resolution to complete higher quantities of transcriptions for less sensitive information.

Choose LingArch For Your Audio Transcription Requirements

At LingArch, our professional transcription services are designed to take any content and transform it into well-written documents in any language. We work closely with clients from major industries, including healthcare and academia such as higher education providers, to produce accurate and accessible content.

Multiple Languages

We offer premium transcription services in the UK and worldwide. Our online transcription services are available in more than 50 languages, ranging from Mandarin transcription services to German.

Multimedia Capabilities

We offer quality transcription services for audio and video files ranging from brief clips to extended content.

Quality Assurance

Our team of certified linguists ensures every document is transcribed with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Language Transcription Industries

Many significant industries in the UK require online transcription services, though the extent and complexity of the transcription needs may vary from business to business. After all, transcribing content allows both audio and video files to become searchable and enables companies to accurately document interviews, record corporate meetings, or add subtitles to visual content.

At LingArch, we work closely with clients across various industries in the UK and worldwide to both identify and meet their transcription needs and deadlines.

Legal Transcription

Our legal transcription services include the transcribing of interviews, arbitration hearings and court hearings. LingArch’s legal translators operate with the highest level of confidentiality and care, ensuring the protection of sensitive information.

We have extensive experience in delivering court-approved transcription services to the UK. Get in touch with our team today.

Financial Transcription

We provide financial translation and transcription services to institutions in the UK and worldwide for everything from complex sales reports to earnings calls. Our qualified linguists ensure every detail is recorded accurately and delivered in an efficient turnaround.

Advertising & PR

Preventing misinformation from circulating is crucial in any advertising or PR transcriptions. We offer certified transcription services to media companies worldwide for everything from press releases to corporate brochures.

choosing Lingarch for medical transcription services

Medical transcription services and healthcare translations must be precise and complete to the highest standard in order to ensure each patient’s health and well-being. Our verbatim transcription services are designed to uphold industry standards and deliver premium written content.


To ensure accuracy and clear communication between departments, we offer expert government transcription services in more than 50 languages. We’ll record your cabinet minutes, council meetings, and interviews with precision and confidentiality.

what is legal transcription services

What is legal transcription?

In legal proceedings, legal transcription consists of taking any audio or spoken words and transforming them into a written document in the original language, which is then made available to the client for use.
Given the extremely sensitive nature of the legal process, this makes legal transcription a very delicate task that requires maximum accuracy. Any mistakes or discrepancies can significantly impact the course of the case.

Some of our legal transcription services include transcribing the following documents:

    • • Depositions
    • • Interrogations
    • • Hearings
    • • Pleadings
    • • Court proceedings
    • • Summons and subpoenas
    • • Meetings and conferences
    • • Memorandums
    • • Dictations
    • • Sworn statements

What are the skills needed to be a competent legal transcriptionist?

A seasoned legal transcriptionist must possess 3 essential characteristics:

Laser-sharp listening and comprehension

In a general sense, transcription is a profession that is heavily centred around extreme accuracy in understanding the spoken content and reflecting it in written form as-is, without any addition or omission. You can then imagine how sensitive it gets when it comes to dealing with extremely delicate materials such as court hearings, sworn statements, and so on.

In-depth knowledge of legal concepts and terminology

While a legal transcriptionist does not necessarily have to hold an official law degree themselves, they nonetheless must be sufficiently well-versed in legal concepts and terminology. This allows them to navigate the audio content more easily and authoritatively.

Punctual deadline management

In the legal sector, one cannot stress how much deadlines are extremely sensitive. Thus, a seasoned legal transcriptionist must be capable of delivering the final written material on time and completely error-free

legal transcriptionist skills

How does legal transcription work?

The legal transcription service takes place in 5 main steps:

  1. Receiving the court recordings:

The first step in our legal transcription service is receiving a copy of the court recordings that are to be transcribed. This is an extremely sensitive step, of course, it should be done under extreme security measures to ensure full confidentiality and integrity of the recordings.

2. Audio files transmission

As soon as the audio files are ready, they can be uploaded onto a private server, where legal transcriptionists will be able to access them and begin the transcription process. Needless to say, this step must be done under high-security measures to ensure maximum information safety and confidentiality.

3. Transcribing audio into text

Legal transcribers will listen to the voice files and utilise foot pedals to control playback. The legal transcriptionist’s job is to copy what they hear precisely without alteration. In the instance of an unclear or incomplete voice recording, the legal transcriptionist may then request clarification from the client.

4. Editing text files

Before delivering the finished output back to the client, the QA team will conduct a comprehensive examination of all the files to ensure that any errors and inconsistencies that may have happened during transcribing are identified and corrected.

5. Sending the edited files

After the text files have been edited and finalised, they are sent back to the client. This is the last step in the legal transcription process. As with step 2, returning the finalised documents back to the client is also done under strict data security measures.

Benefits of Professional Audio Transcription Services

General transcription services are an effective time and cost-saving tool whether you’re in the legal or advertising sector. We use advanced technology and certified linguists to provide transcriptions that transform your verbal content into clear and concise written documents in your chosen language.

Learn how your business can reap the benefits of professional transcription through LingArch. We offer transcriptions to help your business increase productivity and make your content actionable.

Accessible Content

Transcription is used in various industries to add accessibility to their content, ranging from live broadcasts to legal proceedings. Transcription services allow individuals to access any written documents and analyse the information according to their role.

Online transcription services allow your content to reach a broader audience and help your colleagues access transcribed documents at their convenience.


Capturing every detail in an audio or video file is challenging when you’re simultaneously trying to incorporate written notes.

Transcription services eliminate this problem by allowing your business to document content in a detailed text format. With professional transcriptions, you get to focus on absorbing the information you’re hearing or concentrate on more pressing projects.

Improved Engagement

Rather than watching your employees or audience attempt to write down every word said in a meeting or presentation, transcription services allow you to post the content online at a later date. This way, everyone in the room can genuinely engage in the conversation. Transcribed content can also be used as a resource for future reference.

Increased Visibility

Search engines cannot recognise video or audio files independently. Quick transcription services are an accessible way to identify your content to search engine algorithms and increase your visibility online.

The use of quality assurance while providing transcription services

The process of quality assurance and quality control is crucial for B2B and B2C businesses providing a variety of different services to their clients. The end goal is to ensure that the overall final deliverables are thoroughly checked to satisfy the expectations of the end users. The same concept applies to companies providing transcription services as they have a fiduciary responsibility to provide accurate transcripts to their clients.

The quality assurance process in transcription aims at ensuring that the transcripts are 100% accurate with no typos or spelling mistakes. At LingArch, we ensure that we only assign experienced transcribers to work on transcription projects so that the work is completed by individuals who are well-versed and familiar with how the transcription process works. The quality assurance process is broken down into two independent rounds of proofreading. The first round comprises a proofreader who compares audio with the written transcript to make sure all the audio has been successfully captured by the transcriber. Upon completion of the first round of proofreading, the transcript is then passed on to the second proofreader to ensure that there are no typos or any sort of spelling or punctuation errors. Since the transcription process relies heavily on the use of audio files, we frequently advise our transcription teams to update their frequently used equipment such as microphones and headsets.

Accuracy is of utmost importance when providing transcription services therefore a thorough quality assurance process has to be kept in place to avoid possible issues related to the quality of the final deliverables.

Regulatory compliance when providing transcription services

Companies providing transcription services have to follow certain regulatory protocols when rendering their services to respective clients. These protocols include making sure that the element of privacy and confidentiality remains intact at all times. Apart from privacy, it is also essential that a transcription service provider is able to store any given data without any lapse in security. That being said, there should be a secured platform where an entity is able to host material without compromising on the security and confidentiality of the content.

At LingArch, we ensure that the content assigned by our clients is uploaded on a secured cloud-based platform and only limited number of individuals can access that content that have been granted special access.

To bolster our compliance we have achieved ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 certification as a company to continuously improve our offering and our service.

Our Transcribed Languages

As one of the leading transcription service companies in the UK and worldwide, our commitment to producing accurate written content is enhanced by our ability to deliver our linguistic services in more than 50 languages.

We offer accurate and fast transcription services for students, academics, media professionals, and more. Our experienced team of linguists ensures every detail from your audio or video file is transcribed to your specifications.


Transcribing Chinese audio files requires expert knowledge of the Chinese language. We provide detailed Chinese to English transcription services to clients around the world through native-speaking linguists.


Our French transcription services are delivered accurately, securely, and in an efficient timeframe, including multimedia content, court reporting and more.


Germany is a significant hub for international businesses. Our German transcription services ensure accurately written content across industries.


Spain attracts a wide variety of businesses from around the world. We help companies document their meetings, implement accessible media content, and more through our Spanish transcription services.


To ensure every detail of a Japanese audio or video file is documented accurately, we provide Japanese to English translation and transcription services using native-speaking linguists and industry-leading standards.


When you’re conducting business overseas, Korean transcription services from LingArch offer significant benefits, including accessible, secure, and professionally written content.


Whether you’re running a law firm or a multimedia company, Indonesian transcription services allow you to conduct business in Indonesia and abroad using expertly written documents and professional insight.


LingArch offers expert transcription services in over 50 languages. Our team of certified linguists equipped with the knowledge and insight to handle your transcription project, from television subtitles to converting corporate conference calls and more.

Lingarch for certified legal transcription services
Green ribbon saying Guarantee ISO 9001 Certified

Why Choose LingArch For Certified Legal Transcription Services?

The work of a legal transcriptionist is particularly delicate and hard since it requires numerous talents at the same time. For starters, a qualified legal transcriptionist must be familiar with various kinds of transcription tools. They must be able to listen and type at the same time, as well as edit and proofread, to be a competent transcriptionist. Furthermore, legal transcriptionists must be well-versed in legal principles and terminology. Therefore, hiring a full-service legal transcribing service provider is the ideal option.

Legal Transcription Experts

Quality and efficiency both go hand in hand when providing transcription services. Accuracy and quick turnaround time are key when law firms are working on a case with tight deadlines. It is essential to work with an agency that is able to deliver accurate transcripts with a quick turnaround.

Our certified legal transcriptionists are seasoned perfectionists with 10+ years’ worth of experience in the industry. They have a proven understanding of legal language and are proficient with specialized audio transcription technologies.

Serving you around the clock!

Due to our worldwide presence, our business strategy is adaptable and hybrid. This enables our staff to service you on-demand, 24/7, across many time zones.

Any business providing legal transcription services should have sufficient experience in the relevant field in order to understand client requirements and deliver the final transcript as per the given requirements.

Full confidentiality

Confidentiality and security are essential elements that are considered by law firms when engaging with an external vendor. An agency providing legal transcription services needs to have a secured platform where audio files can be transcribed and transcripts are secured in a secured environment.

Our legal transcription services follow extreme confidentiality measures to ensure that all your sensitive documents are safe and secure environment.

Fast service, flexible budget

As a part of the service industry, it is important to have a customer service/client management team that is available 24/7 to cater for clients and assist them as and when required. Law firms prefer to engage with agencies that have sound customer support and are able to respond quickly with the right solution.

We guarantee you that no matter what the deadline is, we will always make it. This is our promise as the top-rated online transcription company. Running on a tight budget? No problem, our highly flexible pricing scheme is there for you!

The work of a legal transcriptionist is particularly delicate and hard since it requires numerous talents at the same time. For starters, a qualified legal transcriptionist must be familiar with various kinds of transcription tools. They must be able to listen and type at the same time, as well as edit and proofread, to be competent transcriptionists. Furthermore, legal transcriptionists must be well-versed in legal principles and terminology. Therefore, hiring a full-service legal transcribing service provider is the ideal option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Transcription Services

A legal transcriptionist is a native speaker with extensive knowledge of legal terminology. Their task is to manually convert these audio recordings into written text and guarantee that they are factually accurate and free of typographical errors.

To be considered reliable, every legal transcription services supplier must have a team of highly trained transcription experts. Moreover, it must also have competent Quality Assurance (QA) staff to ensure that every document is immaculate before delivering it to the client.

Our legal transcription services are fully focused to achieve 100% accuracy. We assign the most experienced transcribers to work on our projects followed by thorough quality assurance checks by our proofreaders to ensure 100% accuracy in our deliverables.

Legal transcriptions can be delivered on both standard and expedited basis. The turnaround time depends on the duration and overall audio quality. For rush projects, we are able to deliver transcripts within 24 – 48 hours. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to deliver within the given time frame. 

Legal transcription services are often required by legal professionals such as judges, solicitors, paralegals and investigators. Legal transcription benefits them by ensuring that details are recorded correctly, information can be presented accurately and the possibility of misinterpretation is reduced.

Ensure confidentiality for clients
Respect the given timelines and aim to deliver earlier if possible
Recheck the transcripts for any typos
Know your client needs in terms of formatting and time coding stamps
Clarify anything that needs to be clarified before finalising the transcript

We accept audio and video recordings in MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, AAC, and WAV. We also accept links to streaming video and audio files available on the web.

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We can provide customized transcriptions in 120+ languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Transcription Services

Transcription is a written or printed representation of another file, often audio or video. It involves absorbing verbal information and putting the content into written form.

Transcription services are offered to clients to streamline the process of transcribing content from live events or audio and video files and ensure every detail is accounted for. Accurate transcriptions are achieved through certified linguists and are often available in multiple languages.

LingArch is a leading language agency specializing in general transcription services in the UK for a range of industries, from television to finance and healthcare. Our services are tailored to our clients to ensure their information is transcribed appropriately and in a timely fashion.

Transcription is an efficient record-keeping process that allows individuals or corporations to document audio or video recordings into written content. Transcription services may vary between industries, but the common goal is to record all speech concisely and accurately.

In the legal sector, court dates, depositions, testimonials, and additional verbal communication are documented through transcription services for record-keeping and reference in future legal proceedings. Businesses will often transcribe board meetings, focus groups, and HR discrepancies to take the appropriate next steps. Healthcare professionals rely on transcription services to dictate clinical studies, emergency room visits, patient chart reviews, and any additional content deemed essential for their records.

The transcription process involves listening to the client’s audio or video recording to make clear and concise notes, often detailing the speakers involved and the content of the recording. The written content is then repurposed into the client’s desired format and language.

At LingArch, we offer a variety of transcription services in more than 50 languages. Our team of industry-leading linguists can analyze and record verbal content in your desired turnaround and to your specifications.

The first stage of transcribing verbal content is identifying the need for the service. Transcription is a straightforward way to take audio or video files and turn the content into a tangible, written format. Before you seek out professional assistance, identify the areas of your business or personal project that require transcription so you can make the most efficient and cost-effective decision.

The next stage involves recording an audio file, including a department meeting, presentation, seminar, or any important verbal communications. During the recording process, ensure the equipment you’ve selected is high-quality, and there are minimal external distractions. This helps to ensure your transcriber can accurately document your recording without missing important details.

The final stage is selecting a language agency with the capabilities and resources to transcribe your files effectively.

A language transcription company is an agency with the tools and resources to transcribe audio and video files into detailed written content.

LingArch is an international language agency in the UK specializing in multilingual transcription. Our trained linguists provide fast and efficient transcription services in every primary industry, from healthcare to advertising. Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction has been the foundation of our growing agency and continues to influence our work.

Language transcription in the UK offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to transform verbal recordings into detailed and searchable written content. The content is then accessible across platforms and allows those involved to reference the documents required to carry out required tasks.

Transcription allows parties involved to read every word of the recorded presentation or meeting without worrying about missing important cues or details.

At LingArch, we provide fast and efficient transcription services in the UK and worldwide. Our team is committed to client satisfaction and unwavering accuracy.

Transcription involves listening to an audio or video file and clearly and accurately recording what was communicated in writing. A linguist will listen and record content to their client’s specifications and in the original language.

Translation involves transforming content from one language to another. In many cases, a client requiring professional translation services will first request the content be transcribed in order for it to be then translated into their desired language.

Corporate transcription services involve documenting important meetings, focus groups, presentations, and seminars into clear and concise written documents. These documents are accessible to everyone involved and provide a detailed description of what was said and by whom. Businesses can use this information for presentations, onboarding, and making strategic decisions for their company’s growth.

A professional transcriber must have expert language skills and an ability to record information at an efficient pace. They must understand a spectrum of accents and speaking patterns to document speech accurately.

LingArch specializes in language transcription services available in more than 50 languages. Our trained linguists can transform audio files into written documents without losing any details. In addition to audio files, we can transcribe video content and multi-speaker files with the same level of accuracy.

Our general transcription services are available in over 50+ languages. While 80% of our transcription work is in English, we regularly transcribe into European and Asian languages.

Yes, we are capable of handling your extensive or complex transcription project. One of our recent high-volume projects involved helping an established law firm in Mexico City transcribe complex court reporting in both Spanish and English.

At LingArch, our priority is delivering expert transcription services to our clients, no matter the industry or complexity of the content. We provide premium transcriptions with an accuracy rate of 99.8% and with a swift turnaround.

Wondering about the cost of transcription services? Our transcription rates are based on per minute of the audio. Timestamps and verbatim are additional options that can be added to the cost per minute if requested.

Yes, we offer volume discounts for qualifying clients. Please contact our sales team to learn more.

Our dedicated staff offer rush or expedited turnaround for urgent transcription projects. If you select the expedited option from our list of transcription services, your files are delivered up to 4x faster.

LingArch has strict client confidentiality guidelines as part of the transcription services that we provide. We understand that some clients require additional documentation via a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We are happy to sign your NDA, or we can supply one for you.

At LingArch, we believe confidentiality is key to successful client relationships, which is why we have strict client confidentiality guidelines included in our transcription services. All the files we receive from our clients are protected from unauthorized access. Our professionals only complete their work on our secure platform to ensure your files are protected at every stage of the transcription process.

Yes, we can provide timestamps in a transcript. Transcript text is synced with audio per word so that you can click on any word and play that point in the audio.

LingArch offers quality transcription services in the UK and internationally, with office locations around the world, including New York, Barcelona, and Hong Kong. Our team of dedicated, qualified linguists provide efficient and accurate transcriptions in every major industry, from legal to broadcast.

Our high-quality transcription services are available in more than 50 languages. Let LingArch help you transform your detailed audio or video files into a comprehensive written document without hassle.

To begin your journey with LingArch, contact us online to speak with one of our qualified staff and receive a free quote. Whether you’re based in the UK or abroad, we’ll work with you to identify your transcription needs, deadlines, explain the cost of our transcription services, and answer any of your questions.

LingArch is dedicated to providing the highest quality transcription services which begins with the selection of our most valuable resources – our transcribers. To ensure that we have the most qualified resources working on each project, we test our transcribers rigorously via subject specific exams.

The turnaround time of providing any transcript depends on the duration of the audio file and the quality of the audio. Please contact us to discuss your requirements to obtain a fee quote.

To accommodate our clients, we provide transcripts in various different formats. The most common formats are MS Word and PDF.

LingArch has a strict client confidentiality police in place. All the communications and files are treated confidential at all times and are stored on our secured network. Our employees and other related professionals have signed NDAs and confidentiality agreements. We encrypt all our data which is then stored on our highly secured servers. 

Legal transcription services are often required by legal professionals such as judges, solicitors, paralegals and investigators. Legal transcription benefits them by ensuring that details are recorded correctly, information can be presented accurately and the possibility of misinterpretation is reduced.

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LingArch provides a stress-free & no-obligation quote for all of our transcription services.

We can provide customized transcriptions in 120+ languages.

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Transcription Services Case Studies

The following cases are examples of the general transcription services we have provided for international clients.