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  • The Client

    With over 2,300 attorneys in more than 25 countries around the globe, this client is one of the world’s largest and most well-known law firms. Founded in New York in 1901, our client was among the first American law firms to establish a truly global presence.

    Serving a wide array of clients, including both publicly and privately held commercial businesses and financial institutions as well as government and state-owned entities, they specialise in sophisticated corporate and financial transactions and complex dispute resolution proceedings

    The Challenge

    The client was representing one of their clients at an international arbitration in Mexico City. The hearing would take place over a two-week period, with daily proceedings running for 12 hours every day, including weekends. Because the case involved both English and Spanish-speaking parties, the client needed court reporters who could accurately perform legal transcription of the proceedings in both languages. In addition to the multilingual court reporters, the client needed to provide real-time feeds of the proceedings to the attorneys and arbitrators at all times, as well as facilitate the remote testimony of an expert witness in Atlanta, GA.

    The Solution

    As a full-service provider of multilingual court reporting services, LingArch Legal Solutions was the ideal company to support the client for this hearing. LingArch first assembled a team of court reporters – two Spanish reporters and three English reporters – to attend and transcribe the proceedings on a rotating basis, ensuring coverage throughout the lengthy proceedings. In addition to being native speakers of the target languages, each of these linguists had at least 5 years of court reporting experience.

    At the end of each day’s proceedings, our reporters would send electronic drafts, or “rough ASCIIs” of the transcripts to all of the concerned parties. Additionally, the client had requested a five-day turnaround for the delivery of the final transcripts in both languages, which LingArch was able to achieve by leveraging our extensive global network of professional transcription resources. Every day, our team of native-speaking scopists based in Argentina would take the first drafts of each reporter’s notes and edit them into full transcript format, which was then proofread once more by our reporters.

    In addition, LingArch provided real-time feeds to the attorneys and arbitrators at all times. And when an expert witness in Atlanta was called to testify remotely, we supplied the internet connection that made it possible. the client was very pleased with the quality of our work and our ability to provide a comprehensive solution to meet their needs. At present, LingArch continues to provide deposition and court reporting services to the firm’s various locations.