Why LingArch is the best choice for businesses needing retail translation

  • We can support clients in a retail and e-commerce setting
  • We will assist with localisation for websites
  • We have teams able to support you 24 hours a day
  • In-house design teams to create marketing collateral

Retail & eCommerce Sector FAQs

We manage a number of projects for our clients operating in retail and e-commerce space. This includes translating their online content, newsletters, brochures, catalogues, press releases, labels and global marketing campaigns.

Yes, we provide website localisation in over 100+ languages. We have assisted numerous clients in various industries by localising their website content.

LingArch provides both manual and automated solution to handle your website localisation project from A to Z. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Yes, we translate product labels and packaging content for clients in over 100+ languages. We also have in-country design teams to ensure that content is properly incorporated into design files. See our case study for a real life example of our services.

We understand that e-commerce is a fast moving space therefore our 24-hour service capabilities, backed by our extensive linguistic pool, mean our collaborative translation technologies are fully utilised, allowing multiple linguists to work on the same project simultaneously. The whole operation is co-ordinated and tracked in real-time.

Retail & eCommerce Sector Case Studies

The following case studies are real life examples of global companies we have worked with. Read them for more information