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What is a voice over?

Voice over is a production method in which a person’s voice is captured for usage off-screen. While voice over is most often used to relate to movies and television, it may also be utilized for telephone services and other informative or marketing and advertising content. Over the years, this technique has proven to be highly effective and appealing to the audience due to its clarity and versatility. 

Who needs voice over services the most?

Voice over services have witnessed rising demand over the years as the technique itself has become quite versatile. Virtually every piece of video or audio content can have a voice over element added to it. Voice overs are usually intended to accomplish either one (or more) of 3 main purposes: inform, create an emotional, or engage. 

In short, regardless of your business, adding a voice over element to your visual or audio content is a surefire way to give it more depth and clarity. 

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how do voice over services work

How do voice over services work?

The process usually starts by having a script that is provided either by the client or by a professional scriptwriter. Then, a voice over artist is chosen and assigned to the task based on their specific voice characteristics. The artist will then proceed in recording the script in a process that is usually done in a special studio using advanced equipment. Finally, the voice over audio file is then sent to the design team so they can insert it into the visual material using a special type of software. 

What are the different types of voice over services?

Voice overs come in a variety of forms depending on the usage. These are some of the most popular areas that utilize the voice over technique:

Marketing and Commercial Content

Voice over is useful in marketing and advertising content to explain the message clearly and encourage the audience to take action. 

In educational content, voice over is used to explain the subject matter and deliver it to the students in a simple and engaging fashion. 

Corporate media

Corporate content can benefit from the voice over technique in clearly explaining business products, services, as well as values. 


In audiobooks, voice over plays a primarily narrational purpose. It serves to tell the story and portray the different characters in an immersive and exciting way. 

Movies/Motion picture

Voice overs are used extensively across all film genres to advance the plot, tell the story, and give the audience a window into the characters’ inner thoughts. 

Video games

As the video gaming industry advanced, voice acting became the need for a stronger plot, believable characters, and a more engaging. 

Why Choosing Lingarch to provide Voice over Services for your Business?

Rich language repertoire

We have a team of Professional and experienced voice over talent in over 100+ languages to serve just about any kind of product regardless of the language or cultural context. 

Deep experience

Our team of voice over professionals have more than 10 years of experience working on projects of various types: commercial, motion picture, television, and more. 

Dedicated to serving you

We have a whole team of seasoned account managers across several parts of the world dedicated to picking up your requests and catering to all your needs around the clock. 

State-of-the-art equipment

All of our voice over projects are carried out in state-of-the-art recording studios located across 15 locations to cater to a global audience. 

Flawless final product

Our dedicated quality assurance team follows a razor-sharp process to ensure high-quality voice over recording and a flawless final product. 

Flexible delivery

Flexible business model and multinational team enables us to accomplish projects promptly and meet tight deadlines with ease. 

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The process of recording a voice over is broken down into 3 simple and straightforward steps.
  1. Finalising the script: LingArch can provide assistance in terms of script creation as well as translating the script into 100+ languages.
  2. Finalising the voice over talent: Based on the requirements, LingArch can provide multiple voice over samples and the client can pick and choose the one that fits their requirements
  3. Recording the voice over: Upon finalising the script and the voice over talent, we can decide the date and time to record the voice over and deliver as per requested time frame.

Yes, we can add music to a voice over recording. Music is often supplied by the clients and must have the rights to use the music. As an add-on, we can also provide sound effects into the voice over. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Voice over is one of the most commonly used mode of marketing especially when you have global audience to target. Organisations use voice over services to convey their message to their audience into their native languages. 

Majority of the voice over artists record at a professional studio however with the advancement in technology, a lot of voice over artists have also set up home studios to keep the costs down. 

Yes, all of our professional voice over talents are working in studios that produce broadcast quality audio. You can connect remotely studio-to-studio with options like Source Connect, ISDN, or ipDTL. Or, if you just want to listen in and have the voice talent record on their end, you can use connection options such as a telephone conference bridge, Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

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