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In today’s deeply interconnected world, it’s crucial to ensure your legal documents mean the same thing in every language, so that they can have the desired effect in every relevant territory.

That’s what makes LingArch’s highly reputable Chinese legal translation services so invaluable. We don’t just complete the translation of your essential legal documents between English and Chinese quickly and accurately; we also consistently work to impeccable quality standards.

Furthermore, we only ever use native translators – applications from non-native candidates not even being accepted by us – and we can provide certified translations. You can even request notarisation from us as an optional service with all of our certified translations, subject to an additional fee.

Chinese language translation
Chinese translation

Legal translation English to Chinese… and Chinese to English

Our clients’ exact requirements in relation to Chinese legal translation widely differ. That’s why we give our clients a choice, including between post edited machine translation and translation performed entirely by a human translator and proofreader.

Machine translation – also known as automated translation services – entails the initial translation being undertaken by an algorithm, rather than a human. But this will only result in a very roughly translated document; a suitably qualified human translator will then need to refine the text and correct any inaccuracies to ensure its fitness as a legal document (this is just a glimpse of how machine translation works).

We strive to ensure the exacting accuracy of our Chinese legal translations work, including by using tried-and-tested translators who are also knowledgeable in the client’s industry.

With each and every translation also being checked by multiple proofreaders, you can be sure of the unstinting quality of each document translation we produce for you. It’s no wonder we boast a 99% rate of client satisfaction.

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Every last detail of how we translate, edit and proofread legal documents for clients seeking English to Chinese or Chinese to English legal translation, demonstrates how we have come to command such a stellar reputation in our industry.

We can offer fast turnaround times – including an expedited turnaround service for an additional fee that shortens the turnaround time by around 50%. Our dedicated team can even work over weekends if this is what is required to get the job done.

We’re proud to offer our Chinese legal translation services around the world, including across the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and North America.

Our track record shows that we consistently deliver both speed and quality for clients based throughout these territories and many other areas of the globe – which might be all the more reason to request your free quote today.

Chinese legal translation

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Mandarin legal translation service is required in various contexts

Mandarin is a group of languages spoken across much of northern and south-western China; as a result, it is routinely used in legal documents in this part of the world.

But if your law firm or organisation in another sector is not familiar with Mandarin and comes into contact with it in such documents, the likelihood is that this text will need to be translated.

We are often approached for Mandarin legal translation by law firms engaged in multi-jurisdictional cases. Sure enough, we are adept and experienced in translating documents in relation to litigation support services and arbitration.

However, we also often cater to businesses in industries such as finance, healthcare, consulting, travel and public relations. A company like this may, for example, be initiating an important financial transaction involving another company overseas, and might therefore require the timely and accurate translation of documents and contracts.

mandarin translation services
mandarin translation services

What Services do we offer for Translation between Mandarin and English?

We implement a range of measures here at LingArch to ensure your business receives only the most meticulous legal document translation from English to Mandarin, or vice versa.

Those measures include only using native speakers as translators, as well as having translated documents checked by multiple proofreaders, when you select our ever-popular human translation service.

While most of our clients prefer their Mandarin legal translation requirements to be handled entirely by human beings, we also offer a combined machine translation and post editing service. This service entails the document being translated by a machine-based algorithm, before a human professional checks the text and makes any corrections needed to ensure the utmost quality and accuracy.

An entirely automated translation service is another option we present to our clients. However, we would specifically recommend this service to those who simply wish to understand the basic meaning of text; it is not advised for more sensitive legal purposes.

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Our 99% client satisfaction rate speaks for itself; you can count on us to provide Mandarin legal translation services of the very highest, ISO-certified quality.

We are also known, however, for our fast turnarounds, which become even quicker if you select our expedited fast translation services for an additional fee. But even our standard service offers impressive speed, thanks to the skills and efficiency of our multiple teams working across different time zones.

Ask LingArch to translate your legal documents from Mandarin to English or the other way round, and you can expect a genuinely 24/7 service from the most trusted legal and linguistic professionals.

Get in touch with our team now, and we will be pleased to provide an excellent-value quote, tailored to your specific needs.

mandarin translation services

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LingArch has helped many Legal firms over the years, here’s some of our Legal industry case studies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese Translation Services

As a company, we have been providing translation services for nearly two decades. We bring extensive experience and skills together when providing our services. Our team of Chinese linguists have 10+ years of experience translating variety of documents from English into Simplified and Traditional Chinese & vice versa.

Our success rate and client satisfaction level is around 99.8% due to our ISO certified quality measures in place. We ensure to collect client feedback after every single project in order to gather accurate stats about our success rate.

Yes, we have both Chinese speaking in-house translators as well as project managers.

Some of the common challenges include formatting issues, tight deadlines and highly technical content which requires extensive research. Our teams are trained to work under extreme pressure and deliver whenever they are engaged on any time sensitive projects.

We regularly work with law firms, financial institutions, PR and advertising agencies, Retail brands, consulting firms and pharmaceutical companies. We have dedicated industry specific teams to cater clients from diverse segments of the market.

Apart from translation services for Chinese language, we provide transcription, interpretation, desktop publishing, voice over, subtitling and document review services.