What are eLearning translation services?

Translation services that specialize in translating eLearning resources, such as online courses, training materials, and instructional content, are known as eLearning translation services. Language translation specialists with expertise in the education and training sectors and familiarity with the terminology and language used in eLearning material are often utilized by eLearning translation services. The purpose of eLearning translation services is to assist enterprises in making their eLearning material more accessible by translating it into different languages. This is especially valuable for firms with workers or students who speak several languages, or for organizations looking to increase their worldwide presence.

What are the main types of eLearning translation services?

End-to-end localization

Aside from localizing the course material and other multimedia components, this also includes localizing essential UX elements and media such as infographics, mobile applications, eBooks, videos, learning games, and so on.

Multimedia localization

This includes voiceover, dubbing, subtitling, graphics, animation, video editing, and desktop publishing, among many other localization areas.

Linguistic asset creation

This includes developing sophisticated language support resources such as glossaries, style guidelines, and translation memories that suit the needs, field, and scope of each E-learning project

Which industries benefit from eLearning translation services?

As eLearning has become of the biggest markets for education and academia around the world, its many applications are being implemented by people from all languages, cultures, and walks of life. This massive demand brings up the urgent need to make eLearning media accessible to everyone.

As such, many sectors utilize specialized eLearning translation and localization services to achieve this goal

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Academic organizations

Academic organizations such schools, colleges, and universities utilize eLearning translation services to translate educational materials, such as textbooks and online courses, into multiple languages to make them accessible to a wider audience.


Companies may use eLearning translation services to translate training materials, such as onboarding materials or professional development courses, into multiple languages for their employees or customers. These companies could be from a range of industries, including healthcare, technology, finance, and others.

MooCs and remote learning providers

Massive Open Online Course providers and other remote learning organizations depend heavily on eLearning translation and localization services to make their courses accessible to as many students around the world as possible.

Why LingArch for training and e-learning services?

For nearly 15 years our global language agency has been helping clients develop, localise, and manage high-quality courses spanning a wide variety of topics and skill levels. With an ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 certified quality management system, more than 10 offices, 24/7 client service and production capabilities, LingArch has the resources and exacting standards to support all your global e-learning and training needs.

  • High calibre of staff through training
  • Supporting team growth
  • Efficient fast turnaround times
  • Work with the most experienced consultants

At LingArch, we understand the challenges of adapting training materials for a globally dispersed workforce. Our E-Learning and Training Practice Group is exclusively dedicated to fulfilling the complex localisation requirements of the training and development industry.

By helping you reduce the time, effort, and money required for the successful execution of multilingual training initiatives, we ensure that your message is communicated consistently and effectively—in any language.


LingArch’s software engineers are highly skilled in a wide range of development environments, including Captivate, Lectora, Articulate, Flash, RoboHelp, FrameMaker, Quark, InDesign, and Illustrator, as well as authoring languages such as HTML, XML, PHP, JHTML, SHTML, and WAV for programs in any format.

Featured Solutions

As a one-stop shop for learning and development professionals, LingArch offers a comprehensive suite of translation services to support you through all stages of the e-learning and training localisation process, including:

  • Translation (170+ Languages)
  • Interpretation (Classroom-Based Training)
  • Enterprise Language Testing
  • Self-Paced Assessment Programs
  • Graphics Localisation and Desktop Publishing
  • Audio Recording and Post-Production
  • Video Dubbing and Subtitling services
  • Screenshot Capture and Mock-Up
  • Re-Engineering in the Target Languages

Training / E-Learning FAQs

E-learning is a huge benefit to businesses in a world where migration is so commonplace because it allows staff to hit the ground running. If you have well-translated learning materials available in a range of languages, it means you can assign staff training that will be effective as soon as they start in a language that will be most beneficial to them.

The process for updating the courses is quite simple and straight-forward. LingArch will request the client to provide the updates that have been made to the courses or our dedicated team will go over the modules to identify the additions.

We can manage e-learning projects in various file formats such as

Timelines for the delivery of translations depends on a variety of factors such as the number of words, language pair, file format and subject matter of the document translation. On a standard basis, we can translate around 2,500 words per day however this volume can be increased for any rush projects.

Yes, we work on rush projects on a frequent basis. Expedited turnaround is available for an additional fee and will reduce turnaround time by approximately 50%. Expedited projects are flagged as high-priority, moved to the front of the queue, and extended hours are worked to ensure the quickest turnaround possible.

Translation of e-learning material can help global organizations in different ways. By translating e-learning related material into various languages, employees are able to polish and strengthen their skills which can result in overall productivity being increased at work.

Yes, we can certainly provide profile of our translators to ensure that they have appropriate experience working on projects related to e-learning. Our basic criteria is to assign native speakers of the target language that have 8+ years of experience translating e-learning related content.

Our process for quality control and assurance includes two rounds of independent editing and proofreading to ensure that the translation has been thoroughly checked by two independent proofreaders.  This is to ensure that that our proofreaders are able to check and confirm that the translations are culturally appropriate and free from any grammatical, spelling or punctuation related errors.

Yes, we frequently use TM for our clients to ensure that their translations are consistent in terms of both style and terminologies. Moreover, this also helps our clients in reducing translation related costs.

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