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What Is simultaneous Interpretation?

Simultaneous interpreting is a type of interpreting in which the speaker delivers a speech while the interpreter instantly (simultaneously) reformulates it into the target language as accurately as possible so the audience can easily comprehend it.

How does the simultaneous interpretation process work?

As its name suggests, simultaneous interpretation is performed by having the speaker speak while the interpreter actively listens and translates their words at the same time. Contrary to consecutive interpretation services, simultaneous interpretation leaves no time-out for the interpreter to think and reformulate, as they must be speaking almost in parallel with the speaker.

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What qualifications and experience do simultaneous Interpreters have?

Simultaneous interpretation is a challenging profession. Being a successful simultaneous interpreter requires the following skills:

1. Intellectual multi-tasking

A seasoned simultaneous interpreter must possess what we can call “intellectual multi-tasking”. In other words, they must have the ability to listen carefully, process quickly, and accurately reproduce the speech in the target language all at the same time.

2. Outstanding language skills

Simultaneous interpretation involves a high level of proficiency in both the source and target languages. It also requires a thorough comprehension of the semantic, idiomatic, and metaphorical characteristics of the two languages.

3. Astute cultural awareness

Being well-versed in cultural aspects is critical to ensuring that the simultaneous interpreter is utilizing the appropriate language and tone to successfully deliver the speaker’s message to the intended audience.

4. Experience with simultaneous interpretation tools

Simultaneous interpretation normally involves the interpreter being seated in an isolated booth with special audio devices. Therefore, the simultaneous interpreter should be experienced in operating these devices correctly.

What makes our Lingarch’s simultaneous interpretation services the best choice for your business?

Highly experienced professionals

Our team of simultaneous interpreters have been in the field for years. They have all taken high-class interpretation jobs at the UN, the BBC, and other world-class organizations. With that said, rest assured your project will be in safe hands!

Native language command

Our team of professional simultaneous interpreters are experts in the languages they interpret between. They have a wide and deep linguistic repertoire and have excellent command of the stylistic aspects of top-quality simultaneous interpretation.

Top quality services

We offer simultaneous interpretation services of a high quality that you can rely on at a price that is tailored to suite your organization’s financial requirements.

Serving you around the clock!

We are able to receive, process, and reply to your service requests in a timely manner due to our dynamic business model, regardless of time zone variations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpretation has a number of benefits when compared with any other format of interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation is carried out in real-time therefore the audience receive real-time interpretation into the target language without any delays. Simultaneous interpretation also offers few distractions for speakers as the interpreters are often based in sound proof booths to improve focus. 

Simultaneous interpretations are used where interpretation is required in a quick manner for a large group of individuals. This can include conferences, training sessions, arbitration / court hearings, lectures etc. 

Simultaneous interpretation services are often required for large set ups therefore interpreters are often booked for half day (3 – 4 hours) or full day (6 – 7 hours). That being said, simultaneous interpreters are booked on either half day or full day basis. Pricing depends on number of hours, location, subject matter etc. Please contact us to know more about our pricing. 

Simultaneous interpretation requires equipments such as sound proof booth for interpreters and headsets for audience. LingArch is able to provide full set of technical support services to assist clients in providing simultaneous interpretation services. 

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