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Court Reporting Services FAQs

We are a legal translation company that attends a wide range of court and arbitration proceedings in the UK and internationally, including court hearings, depositions, tribunals, public enquiries, inquests, disciplinary hearings, along with many other forms of meeting.

Yes, we have extensive experience of attending and recording court proceedings internationally, often working in languages other than English.

We specialize in the fast turnaround of accurate transcripts. If these are important to you, contact us to discuss how we can help.

Court reporters are also known as ‘guardians of the record’ because they capture every word that’s spoken in the judicial process. Their role is to make an accurate verbatim transcription of court and other legal proceedings. Impartiality and a strong knowledge of legal process are essential to doing their job well. 

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Serving some of the world’s leading law firms 

We’ve worked with some of the top law firms, often in large, complex cases with many interested parties and the kind of law firms with tight deadlines. Accuracy and timeliness are vital, giving the client maximum opportunity to review and assess the transcripts.

Our work takes us into courts at all levels, including crown courts, tribunals and military courts, and civil and family courts. We often put together teams of experienced international court reporters to ensure we are able to capture every moment of proceedings.

court reporting services
court reporting services

Trusted multilingual court reporting

We are a leading international provider of court reporting, translation and legal transcription services. For larger, more complex cases we are experienced in putting together multilingual teams. They’re used to working quickly to turn shorthand notes into rough drafts and then fully edited transcripts, in whatever language they are required.

Realtime, rough draft, expedited or standard court reporting

It’s important that you get an accurate and timely record of legal proceedings. Our standard turnaround for court reporting is seven business days. This ensures the highest levels of accuracy, where the original shorthand notes are transcribed by the court reporter and reviewed by expert editors, referred to as scopists. Our team works hard to ensure we preserve an accurate record.

However, we can provide interactive realtime access from the court reporter’s computer during the proceedings, live from the courtroom. We can assist with recording equipment if this is required.

Additionally, we can supply a daily rough draft direct from the court reporter at the end of the proceedings. This will have little or no editing because of time constraints. Where a fuller, more accurate transcription is required quickly, we offer an expedited service.

court reporting services

Specialists in the Lingarch team

  • Speech-to-Text Reporters (verbatim)
  • Scopists/editors
  • Audio transcribers
  • Translators
  • Proofreaders
  • Realtime communication specialists

All their work is overseen by our management team, who liaise closely with our clients to ensure a consistent professional standard. All our team have signed non-disclosure agreements to protect confidentiality.

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Case Studies

The following case studies are a few examples of the court reporting services we have provided.