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Certified document translation across 120 languages

LingArch is a global language translation company based in London, UK, specializing in innovative and transparent language solutions. We have a staff of more than 1,500 accredited linguists and offer professional translation services in over 120 languages.

We provide universal translation services that give you a document that will be accepted by a wide range of UK authorities and organisations. If your translation requires to be notarised, we can arrange this for you.

Whatever your requirement, we can translate it, including:

  • Legal files and statements
  • Business reports, forms and guarantees
  • Academic papers and resources

Reliable, professional and fast translation services

We make it easy for you, as our customer, to get a high-quality translation of your document. All our translators are native speakers of the language we are working with, and we match our team to the sector or industry relevant to your requirements. The translation process involves multiple proofreaders, to guarantee the quality.

We only hire translators with in-depth knowledge and experience of the language and also specific types of documentation, such as legal, academic or business. Their skills lie in interpreting not only the individual words, but also the overall purpose of the text, in order to deliver an extremely accurate translation.

document translation services
document translation services

Competitively priced and efficient document translation

Our process has been proven to deliver high-quality translated content. Every document has an expert team working on it, that combines a linguist and proofreaders to ensure customer projects are delivered quickly, without compromising quality. A client manager is also involved in the process, to ensure the work we do meets your requirements. 

You can use our certified translations with confidence when you’re dealing with authorities such as the Home Office, a Court of Law and academic or professional bodies.

We translate any document, paper or digital

Whatever the form of written communication, we can translate it. Our expert translators have worked on a huge variety of documents, delivered in many different formats. We work hard to match the most appropriate translators to your project, based on language, the nature of the document and its subject matter.

document translation services

Translation Services

Our international translation services are designed to help our clients navigate the complexities of multilingual documentation, localisations and to help accelerate their global brand.

Document Translation

If you have documents, no matter their format, enlist the help of our document translation services services. We can review and translate them for you. Our pricing is based on word count and the required expediency of the delivery. Contact us for a FREE quotation.

Website Localisation

We can translate your website’s content on a page-to-page basis to ensure its readiness for an international market. This type of website translation exceeds the quality of automatic website translation as we’re able to tailor your messaging to speak to different cultures and values.

Software/App Localisation

If you’ve created a piece of software or an application with success, getting it translated is a logical approach to take when you wish to increase your user base. With our software translation services, we can help you translate and reposition your software or application for international markets.

Multimedia Localisation

Chances are, you already have some excellent marketing collateral for your business. Through multimedia translation, we can help you translate and repurpose your existing multimedia assets such as video and audio to accommodate a broader audience on a global level.


Are you looking to market globally? Transcreation is a much more creative way of translating that is particularly useful for creating original marketing content such as taglines and slogans while maintaining emotion, style, and context. Consider the benefits of our marketing translation services.

Terminology Creation

We can create a glossary of culturally suitable terminology for international teams to unify how they speak about and refer to your goods and services.

If you’ve opted for machine translation (automated translation), post-editing gives you an extra level of accuracy by having your translation checked and amended by a native speaker.

Certified Translation Services

We translate across over 120 languages. Documents that we translate include:

  • Marriage, birth and death certificates
  • Medical reports
  • Manuals, handbooks and technical guides
  • Diploma certificates
  • Insurance claim files
  • Divorce decrees and certificates
  • Bank statements
  • Website content

Translation Industries

We provide efficient and effective language translation and linguistic services in the UK and abroad for clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Our industry-leading techniques and certified linguists combine their passion for languages with expertise to provide accurate translations in each of our eight specialized fields.


Our legal translation services are carried out with precision to ensure each document is accurately translated to avoid any miscommunication or liability.


We provide professional financial translation services that adhere to the highest level of accuracy to allow finance and related businesses to communicate effectively with clients worldwide.

Advertising & PR

Through our advertising and PR translation services, we’re able to work closely with agencies across the globe and offer a range of content translation strategies.

Travel & Hospitality

We provide innovative travel and hospitality translation services to help support our clients’ international growth and increase long-term revenue.

Life Sciences

Our life sciences translation services include clinical trial agreements, brochures, and more and are carried out by a dedicated team of certified linguists.

We guarantee confidentiality and care in every aspect of our healthcare translation services, from patient documents to marketing materials.


We understand the complexities involved in government work, which is why our government translation services are carried out confidentially and to your specification.

Retail & E-Commerce

Our retail and e-commerce translation services range from engaging newsletters and catalogues to press releases and global marketing campaigns.

Why Choose LingArch?

We Guarantee Accuracy

At LingArch, our mission is to provide accurately translated documents to our clients globally, from the legal sector to the hospitality industry.

Our Work is of the Highest Quality

For over 20 years, we have been one of the leading language translation companies globally, serving clients from London to Tokyo and everywhere in between, with a commitment to quality results.

We Always Use Native-Speakers

We work with certified native-speaking linguists to translate important documents and campaigns across a broad spectrum of industries.

We Are Certified

Since our first day in business, we have operated under ISO and EN accreditations, guaranteeing that we’re meeting today’s standards.

We Offer Quick Turnaround Times

We provide swift and efficient language translation services without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Document Translation Services Services FAQs

A language translation company in the UK or abroad works to translate important content, including text, audio and video, from one language to another in various sectors.

LingArch provides professional translation services in the UK and internationally in more than 120 languages. We work with clients across the globe to ensure their content is accurately analyzed and translated to the highest standards.

Language translation companies offer a wide variety of translations for legal documents, marketing brochures, patient records, government data and more.

LingArch is a professional translation service company with more than 20 years of experience. Our commitment to client satisfaction began with our inception in 2000 in London and has remained a cornerstone of our professional translation services in the UK and abroad.

Professional language companies allow clients to seamlessly communicate through written and electronic mediums without complicated language barriers. At LingArch, we utilize our extensive list of certified, native-speaking linguists to ensure each document translated is precise and comprehensive for a more efficient and innovative approach to global communications.

As an experienced language translation company, all our translators are native speakers. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all our translators are native. We do not accept applications from non-native candidates.

Since our translators are all native speakers, most are based in-country. This is highly beneficial because the translator is up-to-date with language trends, cultural trends, slang, news, and the general atmosphere in their native country.

Our native-speaking linguists allow us to provide the most accurate interpretation and translation services in London throughout the UK and globally.

Timelines for the delivery of our professional translation services depend on a variety of factors such as the number of words, language pair, file format and subject matter of the document. On average, we can translate around 2,500 words per day. However, this volume can be increased for any rush projects.

Yes, we work on rush projects frequently. Expedited turnaround is available in London and abroad for an additional fee and will reduce turnaround time by approximately 50%. Expedited projects are flagged as high priority, moved to the front of the queue, and extended hours are worked to ensure the quickest turnaround possible.

Yes, we have a dedicated team available over the weekend to handle any urgent requirements in the UK and internationally.

To provide professional translation services in London and abroad, we use tried-and-tested translators matched to the specific industry domain of the client. We ensure that multiple proofreaders analyze the files to guarantee quality.

In most cases, we receive files via email. For larger files, we often use secure FTP such as Mimecast or Dropbox.

Yes, we are able to provide certified services to our clients in London, the UK, and around the world.

Yes, we offer notarization as an option on all certified services for an additional fee.

As one of the leading translation service companies worldwide, LingArch combines experience with innovation and client satisfaction to ensure every service offered is of the highest standards. We work with more than 1,500 native-speaking linguists to ensure each translation is precise and to your satisfaction.

A certified translation allows an organisation or authority to trust that it is a true and accurate translation of the original document. Our services can provide certified translations on request.

Our experienced legal translators work with any document for legal, business, personal or academic use.

A wide range of factors impact the timescale for a project, such as the language pair, file formats and the subject matter. An experienced translator typically works through around 2,500 words per day, and we can apply additional resources for more urgent projects.

Yes, we have translators available seven days a week, meaning we can assist with any project, however urgent it may be.

Yes, always. All our translators are native speakers. We do not accept applications from non-native candidates.

Usually, documents are submitted through email. However, for larger documents or where security is a major concern, we use secure FTP systems.

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