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  • The Client

    A world-leading, research-based pharmaceutical company providing a platform for delivering strong growth in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

    In a collaborative effort between them, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to help patients better understand their conditions and, therefore, live healthier lives. Because the program focuses on individuals from age 5 to 50 with different e learning for health styles, its educational materials are offered in various formats – articles, videos, games, quizzes, role-playing, reminders, activities, and animations – that allow the information to be conveyed in the most suitable manner.

    The Challenge

    The client had a high volume of topic-specific, graphic-rich health education booklets and related web pages that required language translation services from English into Spanish. The booklets addressed a life-altering medical condition and were intended for patients with a sixth- to eighth grade reading level. The phrasing needed to be constructed with extreme care, as the medical translations would affect a highly sensitive audience.

    The materials would also be viewed as a reflection of the company’s attention to patient care. Once completed, the translations had to be approved by a single internal reviewer whose primary job responsibilities left her with little time to dedicate to this language project. And all this had to be accomplished under pressing deadlines.

    The Solution

    After approaching LingArch, we assigned an account manager to the client who developed a customised solution that would most effectively meet all its needs. The process was completely restructured and streamlined so that LingArch could manage much of the work the client had previously performed internally. In fact, the client was so confident in the quality of our pharmaceutical translation services, they eliminated the costly and time-consuming internal review stage altogether.

    The graphic-intensive booklets required additional formatting and design work, all handled by LingArch’s desktop publishing department.

    As a registered trademark, their recurring tagline required that our client service and production teams take special care to ensure strict compliance with all regulations while translating the essence of the theme. We also arranged an in-depth review conducted by a health literacy expert trained in the relevant terminology. Since this project’s successful completion, the client has continued to look to LingArch for all its translation needs.