International Medical Translations

LingArch is a full-service language translation agency in the UK, specializing in professional medical translation services. For more than 20 years, we have provided clients around the world with certified translations. We work with more than 1500 linguists worldwide and offer medical document translation in over 120 languages.

Our certified medical translators are native speakers and specialists in the healthcare field with the proven ability to translate complex medicinal documents with accuracy and transparency.

Certified Medical Translation Services

The healthcare industry requires professional medical document translation to assure patient records, pharmaceutical labels, and clinical protocols are accurate when they’re translated. At LingArch, we work with native-speaking medical translators to ensure no translation miscommunications or inaccuracies between languages.

Learn how our certified translation services can help patients, physicians and professionals in the healthcare industry communicate effectively.

Certified Medical Translations

Certification is an essential component of LingArch’s medical terminology translation.

Our quality management system is in full compliance with the ISO 17100:2015 standard. We provide Statement of Accuracy certificates with each service. Our capabilities include back translation and validation if the IRB/ethics committee requires official translations.

Dedicated Project Managers

Working on global clinical trials requires effectiveness and cost-efficiency that only a medical translation agency can provide.

At LingArch, we provide our clients with a dedicated project management team to help plan and strategize their requirements accordingly. As the clinical trial evolves, our professional project managers keep our clients informed every step of the way, ensuring no piece of information is left behind.

Validation of Medical Documents

The accuracy and validity of medical documents, from patient reports to informational brochures, is essential. It’s vital that, when translating medical documents, you enlist the help of official document translation services.

If required by regulatory authorities, we can have your translated medical documents validated by medical doctors or licensed professionals in the target countries.

LingArch Certifications

We operate under three essential certifications to ensure transparent and precise medical terminology translation. We provide a Statement of Accuracy certificate to our clients with each certified translation.

ISO 17100:2015

The ISO 17100:2015 certification verifies our ability to deliver quality medical term translations in relation to current industry standards. Our ISO certifications are reviewed regularly to ensure compliance.

ISO 9001:2008

An ISO 9001:2008 outlines the requirements that we must maintain as a certified medical translation agency. This certification confirms that our company is achieving consistent quality results and is continuously improving our services to meet today’s standards.

EN 15038:2006

The EN 15038:2006 certification encompasses a significant certified translation process. It is designed to provide medical translation agencies with a set of procedures and requirements that must be continuously met to meet current market needs.

Our Clients

We are proud to have worked with some of the biggest names within the medical industry, delivering certified medical documents translation services. We also offer same-day medical translation services in more than 120+ language combinations.


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Why Choose LingArch For Your Medical Translation Services?

Our commitment to reputable, certified translations in the healthcare field is the foundation for over 20 years of customer satisfaction. When you work with LingArch, you’re working with an industry-leading team of dedicated translation experts.


LingArch has been providing industry-leading and certified medical translations for over a decade. In that time, we have built authentic and lasting relationships with our clients through our professionalism and experienced linguists.


Medical documents that require translation must have a level of accuracy that only a seasoned agency like LingArch can provide.

With a team of experienced medical translators, we have translated and transcribed hundreds of websites in over 120+ languages with a 99.8% accuracy rate.

Client Satisfaction

We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and customize our capabilities to help achieve them. Our certified translation services are tailored to each client’s specifications for a unique agency experience.

Medical Language Translation Services

As a leading medical translations company with eight offices located across the globe, LingArch offers specialized translations in more than 120 languages. Our certified medical translators are native-speaking and are well-versed in healthcare translations.

Learn what languages our certified medical translators specialize in.


The healthcare industry is known for its specialized terminology. We provide quality Arabic to English translation services to help healthcare professionals and practitioners understand one another.


We provide professional Chinese translation services for clients looking to translate important medical documents from Chinese to English or English to Chinese, including informational brochures, patient applications and more.


As a professional healthcare translation company, we work closely with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies through extensive French translations for clinical trials, patient surveys and more.


We prioritize quality, accuracy, and transparency in every aspect of our German to English translation services, whether our medical translators work on complex clinical reports or German test procedures.


To ensure every step of our certified Spanish translation services is precise and without error, we employ native-speaking, certified Spanish medical translators who are experts in their field and are known for their dedication and accuracy.


We will carefully execute our certified Italian translation services to ensure linguistic accuracy, whether translating complex case reports, pharmaceutical labels, or medical records.


To accurately capture the complexity of the Japanese language in connection to their healthcare industry, we provide detailed medical Japanese translation services through a native-speaking certified medical translator.


We offer professional Malay translations and have a staff of native-speaking translators who specialize in the healthcare field.


Hindi is one of the world’s most widely spoken primary languages. We are proud to have a team of certified medical translators who can carry out professional Hindi translation services.


Our reputation as a world-class Korean medical translation agency is built on a foundation of transparency, accuracy, and a commitment to client satisfaction.


To navigate the relationships between Hebrew-speaking patients, physicians and healthcare professionals, accurate Hebrew translation is essential. As a top-tier medical translation company, we offer a range of quality services, from translating patient records to complex equipment manuals.


Sensitive medical matters require an increased level of diligence and accuracy. Our Mandarin translation services are designed to help navigate communications between healthcare professionals and translate important medical documents.


Our reputation for professional Indonesian translation comes from our 20+ years reputation of certified services, expert linguists, and competitive and fair pricing. We customize our capabilities to reflect our clients’ specifications and ensure continued accuracy.


LingArch is proud to offer a wide range of medical terminology translations in over 120 languages. We work closely with medical terminology translators to ensure every client interaction is satisfactory and every translation is carried out accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Translation Services

Medical translation is the process of translating documents and other texts in the healthcare field from one language to another. To ensure accuracy and avoid linguistic errors, medical term translations must be carried out by certified medical translators.

A medical translation company specializes in language-based translations in the healthcare industry and can offer translations for patient records, pharmaceutical labels, test procedures, and global clinical trials.

Medical translators can offer a wide variety of services in the healthcare field, ranging from translating complex medical device instructions to informational brochures. With an experienced, native-speaking medical translator, your information is rendered in another language efficiently and with guaranteed accuracy.

A certified medical translator ensures that medical documents are analyzed and adapted accurately into your chosen language. They ensure any miscommunications or inaccuracies are removed, which is essential for the complexity of international healthcare.

A medical translator copies written content, ranging from patient records to test procedures, from one language to another. They document the information given to them fluently between languages and ensure each detail is accurate.

An interpreter is trained to interpret verbal communication. They’re required to have additional language skills in order to communicate the context behind medical terminology and explain procedures to physicians and patients.

LingArch is a world-renowned and certified medical translation agency specializing in the healthcare industry. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve worked with more than 1500 linguists in countries ranging from New York to Barcelona to help healthcare professionals understand documents, pharmaceutical labels and create informational brochures in over 120 languages.

We operate eight locations worldwide and work closely with our experienced team of medical translators to deliver industry-leading results and continued customer satisfaction.