We can answer all of your needs when it comes to Korean legal translation

The translation of legal documents between English and Korean is an important service not only for law firms engaged in multi-jurisdictional cases, but also businesses in various other sectors.

The Korean language is the official and national language of both Koreas – North Korea and South Korea – and is a recognised minority language in Russia and China. Indeed, almost 80 million people around the world are thought to speak this East Asian language.

All of this means that Korean continues to feature in many legal documents that may need to be translated if their meaning is to be fully understood by English speakers – and vice versa.

Whether you require Korean legal translation services as a law firm involved in litigation or arbitration across borders, or your company is overseeing a merger that necessitates the accurate translation of key contracts, you can depend on us for both speed and quality.

Why choose LingArch for your legal translation needs?

Our reputation as a provider of international legal translation services is formidable. We use only native speakers for all of our translation work, as part of our ISO-certified approach.

Catering to sectors encompassing not only law firms but also finance, healthcare, travel, hospitality, advertising and more, we undertake important legal translations on a 24/7 basis, drawing upon the expertise of our various teams based in multiple time zones. This combination of qualities helps to ensure not only the most meticulous translation, but also a swift turnaround.

Our most frequently requested Korean legal translation service is our three-stage human translation service. When you request this service, we will arrange a native speaker to perform the initial translation of the text, which will then be scrupulously checked by two other independent professionals to make sure the style and terminology are correct.

Depending on your particular requirements, however, we can also provide a machine translation and human proofreading service. This service combines automated translation services with subsequent checking and editing by a human being.

Finally, entirely automated translation is another option, with no human intervention at all. Given that this particular service exclusively uses an algorithm, we would not advise that clients use it for sensitive legal purposes; however, it does help the reader to understand the basic meaning of the translated text.

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Our 99% client satisfaction rate shows the high level of respect in which we are held in our industry – in short, when you need a legal document to be translated from Korean to English or from English to Korean, you can have the utmost faith in our service.

We can also provide a cost estimate within minutes, are flexible about how much we charge, and have a track record of consistently meeting even the tightest deadlines. So, why not reach out to us today for a quote and to take advantage of our knowhow in Korean legal translation?