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Trusted experts in automated language translation

Anyone who has ever used a language translation web app like Google Translate will already have an instinctive understanding of how machine translation works.

In short, this is a translation process that is performed entirely by machine, with no human intervention at all.

In practice, however, when you next require the translation of important text, you may wish to have a human proofread it as well. This is why some people instead request our similarly renowned machine translation and post editing service.

Nonetheless, this particular service depends entirely on the translation of text by machine-based algorithm. It can therefore be depended on to provide the reader with basic information on what the document states, but is less well-suited to those seeking the most accurate possible document translation.

court reporting services
court reporting services

When might you request a machine translation service?

Machine translation is, by definition, a limited translation service that does not suit all possible circumstances in which documents may need to be translated.

You may request our machine translation expertise when you have a large volume of documents and you have no time to have them translated by human translators. You might also use an automated translation service when there is a limited budget in place, given that machine translation is cheaper than human translation.

However, it is most appropriate for especially important legal documents to be translated by highly qualified legal translators, who can avoid the errors an algorithm might introduce.

Nor are automated translation tools necessarily a great choice for the translation of in-person or recorded speech. If you were to use automated translation software on these texts, factors that the machine is unable to account for – such as accent, talking speed and other vocal inflections – may lead to a less accurate translation.

Similarly, you may choose not to use our machine translation services in the UK if you will be using the translation for court proceedings before a judge or tribunal.

Nonetheless, for basic translation jobs that simply necessitate you deciphering the basic meaning of documents in what may be an unfamiliar language for you, our automated translation service is likely to satisfy your needs.

We’re about more than just automated translation tools

LingArch provides a wide range of high-quality translation services to clients in such sectors as legal services, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, public relations, advertising and travel.

We make our expertise available across the world, from Asia and the Middle East to Europe and North America, providing innovation, value for money and often quick turnaround times.

We enjoy a 99% client satisfaction rate, and with good reason; we really do believe that your mission is our mission, and that our success is your success. Sure enough, our linguists are committed to showing this every day, often working to the tightest deadlines.

Approach the LingArch team today, and we can give you a cost estimate within mere minutes. Meanwhile, the very latest machine translation technology will help to ensure the best possible translation of your document.

court reporting services