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Machine-assisted translation is a process that is performed entirely by an algorithm, with no human intervention at all. Anyone who has ever used a language translation web app like Google Translate will already have an intuitive understanding of how machine translation (MT) works.

This method has become increasingly prevalent, with companies like LinkedIn, Google and Amazon using artificial intelligence for translation purposes. Most commonly, however, MT is being used by global law firms to help them navigate through international matters and cross border disputes.

Similarly, machine translation is commonly used by global organisations to communicate with their customers via real-time translation to chat. Global online retailers are also heavily relying on machine translation services by providing product descriptions available in multiple languages to facilitate their customers.

Machine Translation Post Editing Specialists

With the growing demand of machine translation, firms around the world are trying to improve the overall quality of automated translation platforms. This is being widely done by adding a round of proofreading by a human proof-reader. This process, commonly known as MTPE (machine translation post editing), is some that LingArch provides with our machine translation services.

Our machine translation services are affordable, secure, and thorough. For those seeking the most accurate translation, we also offer document translation services for documents requiring human translation.

Machine Translation Services

Machine translation offers a convenient way for professionals around the world to communicate with one another. Using advanced algorithms and innovative technology, machine translation engines provide accessible translation solutions at affordable prices.

LingArch’s machine language translation platform is able to decipher and transpose important documents without delay. Our machine translation services combine efficiency with security and quality assurance for a seamless experience.

The Uses of Machine Translation Services

Machine translation offers industries worldwide new, convenient opportunities to communicate with their networks. As a leading machine translation company, LingArch uses advanced algorithms and professional platform to convert important documents into the target language for a convenient and affordable solution to global communications.

Organisations or global firms may request our machine translation expertise when they have a large volume of documents and have no time to have them translated by human translators. An organisation might also use an automated translation service when there is a limited budget in place, given that machine translation is cheaper than human translation.

However, it is most appropriate for highly qualified legal translators to translate significant legal documents to avoid the errors an algorithm might introduce.

Automated translation tools are also not recommended for the translating of in-person or recorded speech. If you were to use automated translation software on these texts, factors that the machine cannot account for – such as accent, talking speed, and other vocal inflections – may lead to a less accurate translation.

Machine Translation (MT)

Our machine translation services are designed to help clients navigate important bilingual documents with efficiency and accuracy. It is mostly used by law firms for legal documents or disclosure of foreign documents.

Post Edited Machine Translation  (MTPE)

In addition to our machine language translation services, we enlist professional linguists to verify your translated documents to ensure every detail is factual and the context remains accurate.

Machine Translation Industries

Machine translation companies are changing the way global economies interact with one another. LingArch is proud to work with various industries worldwide to provide reliable and affordable machine translation services using innovative technologies.


Legal professionals will often find themselves working with international clients on cross border transactions or global disputes. To understand the details of their case in a timely manner, automated translations are essential. We provide legal document translation services to help you understand and meet your client’s needs.


Machine translation companies offer financial professionals a convenient solution to deciphering large volumes of international data, from trade reports to global investments. Our financial translation services help clients worldwide understand foreign documents efficiently and accurately.

Advertising & PR

Advertising & PR are industries that reach consumers worldwide. To market a product or service to an international customer, businesses use machine translating to ensure their messaging is accurately communicated in their customer’s native language with a click of a “translate” button.

Travel & Hospitality

Machine language systems allow hospitality professionals to reach a wider global audience. At LingArch, we provide convenient automated translation to help our clients market their hotels, airlines, tour companies, and restaurants to international customers.

Life Sciences

Life sciences technology is changing rapidly around the world, and communication is key. LingArch’s advanced automated translation and medical translation services helps medical professionals understand research documents, pharmaceutical materials, clinical trials, global outbreak reports and more.

Professional machine translations allow healthcare professionals to offer more well-rounded care to their patients and prevent errors that can occur from language barriers. Virtual translations and healthcare translation services and can assist with patient communications, prescription details and more.


Automated translations offer government professionals an opportunity to better engage with their international colleagues. Our automatic translation machines will render your municipal or federal documents accurately.

Retail & eCommerce

Customers often prefer to purchase goods and services online in their native language. LingArch’s automated translators allow retail and ecommerce businesses to localize their websites and provide efficient language solutions, from translating product categories to shipping details.


We’re proud to be a global machine translation company with over 20 years of experience. Our linguistic services are designed to provide convenient solutions to our clients with linguists and technology they can trust.

We help clients across every major industry streamline their communication process with our wide spectrum of translation services. Our machine translation services allow us to translate large volumes of material, and our human translation services allow us to provide translation for court reports, patient records, e-commerce products and more.

When you need a professional machine translation service, trust LingArch.


LingArch provides a wide range of high-quality automated translation services to clients in various sectors, including legal services, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, public relations, and travel.


We offer affordable machine translation services so that we can get your documents translated quickly and according to your allocated budget.


Preserving client confidentiality is of utmost importance to LingArch. LingArch has strict controls in place to ensure client data is protected from unauthorised access and uphold rigorous security in translating sensitive legal documents.

Global Reach

Our services are available worldwide, from North America to the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. We deliver innovative solutions to our global clients with a commitment to accuracy and efficiency.

Turnaround Time

LingArch offers quick turnaround time to ensure you get your translations quickly and efficiently to meet any pressing deadlines.

Client Success

LingArch’s 99 percent success rate is the foundation of our automated document translation services. Our clients trust us to provide an accurate rendering of their documents in their chosen language.


We utilize cutting edge technology which is regularly analysed to improve the overall quality of our machine translations.


Our dedicated client support time is available round the clock to assist our clients with any queries they may have.

Machine Translation Languages

Automated translation services allow businesses around the world to communicate more efficiently and authentically. At LingArch, we have the global network and resources to ensure your documents are accurately converted into the language of your choice.


Whether you need Arabic to English legal translation or are developing an e-commerce platform, we provide quality Arabic machine translation services to ensure your business can communicate effectively with clients and customers in Western Asia.


Our automated translations are designed to help provide our clients with Chinese to English translation services without losing the intricacies of the Chinese language. Our services are held to the highest international standards, from financial to medical translations.


Our French translation services are among our most requested services worldwide. We offer advanced machine translations to help clients across various industries communicate with their French-speaking clients and colleagues, from the legal sector to hospitality.


We provide German translation services using machine translation software to help clients establish new connections and create businesses in Europe’s largest economy. Our German machine translations offer a way to seamlessly process your financial, medical, legal and government documents.


To communicate with industry professionals in Spain, you need translations you can trust. Our automated translations use advanced algorithms and English to Spanish translation machines to seamlessly provide Spanish translation services.


Whether you’re selling to new clients in Rome or sending important research to Milan, our Italian machine translation will ensure your words are never lost in translation. If you need additional assurance for your Italian to English translation service, we provide post-edited services for your convenience.


Using Japanese machine translation software, we assist our clients in communicating clearly and effectively with their colleagues in Japan. We have the tools and global network to provide Japanese translation services and help you navigate one of the world’s most advanced economies.


To understand the intricacies of the Malaysian language, you need automated translation you can rely on. We provide reliable and affordable Malay translation services to help you conduct business and reach new customers across Malaysia without language barriers.


Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages worldwide and relies on professional Hindi machine translating to ensure the nuances of the language are never lost in translation. LingArch offers automated Hindi translation resources to help you communicate internationally.


If you’re conducting business in Korea, you can rely on our professional automated translators to help you bridge the gap between English and Korean documents. Our ISO-certified services are designed to provide accurate Korean translation services for our clients across Asia.


Companies worldwide are conducting business in Israel and rely on LingArch to help streamline their communications. Our machine translation software is equipped with the resources needed to ensure quality, accurate translations between Hebrew and English.


Translating documents between English and Mandarin requires diligent and detailed Mandarin translation services. We provide reliable machine translation software designed to effectively convert your important legal transcripts, financial briefings, e-commerce products and more.


To better communicate with your clients and colleagues in Indonesia, you need a machine translation company with a trusted global network and advanced resources for Indonesian translations. We provide machine language translators to help you bridge communications and conduct your business.


LingArch is proud to be a machine translation company with over 20 years of experience. Our services are available in over 120 languages with advanced technology and experienced linguists at the helm. We combine convenience with accuracy and client satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Machine Translation

Machine translation is a computer-based process for translating documents from one language to another. The process includes uploading required documents into a machine translation platform to translate content from one language to another. It’s the MT algorithm which can generate text into the target language.

At its most basic function, machine language translation is processed by automated software. A single word in one language is replaced with the exact word in another. This technology is designed to learn and adapt in real-time based on human feedback. Learn more about how machine translation works.

A machine language translation company, or translation company offering MT as a subservice, uses advanced computer algorithms and equipment to decipher and reproduce documents in another language without human involvement. They provide advanced technology to their clients to decipher important text in a variety of languages and industries.

Language translation companies act as Machine translation companies and provide their clients with convenient and affordable translation services. They use automated software to convert important documents across a variety of industries, from government to financial, retail, legal, and more.

LingArch has provided quality translation services for over 20 years. We work with clients worldwide to streamline their international communications and ensure their words are never lost in translation.

The process of automated translation has grown over the years and is now available with three significant distinctions. These are the core types of machine translation

  • Rule-based Machine Translation: The data for this process relies on detailed bilingual dictionaries and linguistic rules for every word pairing. To translate, it uses the linguistic rules to convert the grammatical structure of its digested content into the user’s desired language.
  • Statistical Machine Translation: Uses training data with attached algorithms to choose the words that most commonly appear together. The sourced text is then translated based on the probability of existence in the target language.
  • Neural Machine Translation: This system uses deep learning to teach itself and is continuously evolving. Translations are created by adopting representation learning styles and deep learning. It is considered the most modern approach to automated translation as it’s designed to understand and resemble how the human brain operates.

Machine translation is used without human interaction and involves translating text using an algorithm. It’s an algorithm running on a platform designed by a translation company. For clients with a limited timeframe and budget, automated translators offer a convenient process without significant overhead.

Human translation is carried out by a professional and native-speaking linguist. This process is often more costly but is equally as detailed. Human translators are ideal for complex documents or to translate audio and visual recordings. A linguist will be able to identify changes in tone and inflection, which can help clearly define the meaning of the words in the client’s desired language.

Thanks to advancements in AI technology, MT offers a more convenient and efficient process. As the technology adapts to human speech and behavior patterns, it can more effectively identify and translate complex text between desired languages. The process is more cost-effective than human translators, which is ideal for clients on a limited budget.

However, machine translation is, by definition, a limited translation service that does not suit all possible circumstances in which documents may need to be translated. Algorithms and machine translation software cannot understand inflections in the human voice or pick up on accents, resulting in a less than accurate translation. If your content is high priority, it may be more suitable to spend the time and resources on a professional linguist who can thoroughly comb through your documents and recordings to ensure accuracy.

Nearly every major industry has benefited from the advancements in machine translation systems. Lawyers working with international clients or witnesses can translate their words to better assist their case. E-commerce businesses can expand their global reach by offering their products and content in multiple languages. Healthcare professionals can communicate with patients who speak a different language. Financial investors can understand the details of the global economy with professional computer-based translations.

LingArch offers machine language translations in over 100 languages. We help clients across the globe communicate with their customers and colleagues more conveniently and accurately. Our services are available to clients across industries, including legal, finance, government, retail, healthcare and more.

LingArch is widely ranked as one of the most reliable machine translation company within the industry. We offer machine translation of languages worldwide, from North America to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We work with native-speaking linguists and provide advanced AI technology to help our clients translate variety of documents which include business contracts, medical research, products descriptions, financial reports and more.

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