Why may you need documents to be translated between English and Indonesian?

Law firms make up a significant proportion of our clients requesting English to Indonesian or Indonesian to English legal translation. There are many good reasons for this. When a law firm is involved in a matter that crosses jurisdictions, language barriers can arise that may prevent them from fully understanding every detail of a particular document or case.

If this describes the requirement your own law firm has right now, the most accurate legal translation from Indonesian to English is likely to be of paramount importance.

Alternatively, you may represent a company in another sector such as finance, travel, healthcare, consulting, advertising or public relations, and may be overseeing a merger. When a company in England is taking over another firm in Indonesia, for example, they will naturally wish to know every detail about the Indonesian company in a language they fully understand.

Any of these situations – or others – may lead you to request a free quote from the LingArch team. If you are unsure whether we can provide the legal translation service that matches your needs, don’t wait any longer to get in touch with us.

There are so many reasons to choose us for Indonesian legal translation services

Our industry-leading reputation for legal translation from Indonesian to English – and the reverse – is founded on a number of factors, ranging from competitive and flexible pricing to an uncompromising commitment to quality. Sure enough, we provide ISO-certified translations for the very greatest peace of mind.

However, we are also highly rated due to the various legal translation services that prospective clients can pick from. Those include our most frequently requested legal translation service; a three-stage human translation service that entails a native speaker carefully translating the text. Two independent experts are then tasked with looking further over the text to ensure correct style and terminology.

Alternatively, depending on your specific needs, you may take an interest in our machine language translation and post editing service. This particular service uses a machine-based algorithm to undertake the initial legal translation from Indonesian to English, before a human being proofreads the text to correct any mistakes and improve the style.

The third option we offer for Indonesian legal translation is machine translation. Also known as automated translation, this service exclusively uses the aforementioned algorithm, with no human intervention. It is therefore an option potentially suitable for clients who simply wish to decipher the basic meaning of the translated text; it is not recommended where more exacting standards are needed.

Ask for your great-value quote from us now

Clients often turn to us because of the sheer speed of Indonesian legal translation work we can provide. We have teams based around the world, which enables us to offer effectively a 24/7 service across various time zones, even on weekends.

However, we are also known for the competitiveness and flexibility of our pricing, geared towards the differing needs of our clients. Furthermore, with our translations being ISO-certified, you can have the utmost confidence in their accuracy when you approach us for legal translation from Indonesian to English, or from English to Indonesian.

Reach out to the LingArch team today, and we would be delighted to provide you with a free estimate for the legal translations of your firm’s legal documents between Indonesian and English.