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The Client

This law firm serves over 900 attorneys worldwide that provide a full range of services in nine major markets to clients both domestically and internationally.

In Corporate Counsel’s 2008 list of “Who Represents America’s Biggest Companies,” this firm ranked among the top 10 law firms in the country. Since its founding in Georgia in 1893, this law firm has expanded and merged with other top law firms across the country to become as prominent as it is today.

The Challenge

The firm was tasked with filing an important German patent, which included a number of complicated charts and tables that would require extensive formatting before the patent could be filed. Typically, formatting would be performed in-house; however, due to the rush nature of the project, following their standard procedures would result in a missed deadline—a risk that the firm could not afford to take.

In addition, the attorneys at the law firm would need time to review the patent on their end before submitting it and moving forward with their case. With the deadline looming, they required a language translation service provider who could complete both the English translation of the patent and the required formatting and graphics work in an extremely limited time frame.

The Solution

With an unparalleled network of resources and a demonstrated history of providing complex legal translation and formatting work under tight schedules, LingArch Legal Solutions was the clear choice to partner with the client for this project. LingArch Legal Solutions immediately got to work booking a team of highly qualified linguists who were experts in patent law. This team quickly completed the English translations, giving our desktop publishing specialists ample time to perform the necessary formatting work well ahead of schedule. By centralizing both the translation and formatting work with LingArch Legal Solutions, the law firm were able to eliminate the costly and time-consuming step of resubmitting the patent for formatting internally, which would have resulted in unacceptable delays in the project’s timeline.

Thanks to the speedy work of LingArch Legal Solutions expert production teams, the client received the translated patent several days ahead of schedule, giving the attorneys plenty of time to review the documents before submission. The firm was greatly impressed by the speed and accuracy with which LingArch Legal Solutions recreated the highly technical diagrams. As a result of this project, the client has decided to use LingArch Legal Solutions to handle the formatting of nearly every future patent submitted for translation.