Why LingArch is the best choice for pharmaceutical translation

  • We can provide a 24 hour service
  • We have a dedicated team of highly trained professionals
  • Our work is of the highest quality

Life Sciences Sector FAQs

We have experience with various document translations which include clinical trial agreements, brochures, pharmaceutical translation fo labels, patient diaries, consent forms and patient education materials.

Yes, we provide transcription services. Our transcription service is available in over 50+ languages. While 80% of our transcription work is in English, we regularly transcribe into European and Asian languages.

Yes, we have an in-house desktop publishing department that can work on a Mac or PC platform. Our design and DTP experts have experience in Quark, Illustrator, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Photoshop, and Word. We are able to typeset in virtually any application at a client requests, including, but not limited to, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, FreeHand, Corel, Interleaf, InDesign, and Visio.

Case Studies

The following case studies are real life examples of global companies we have worked with in the past, and continue to work with today. Read them for more information.