hebrew translation services

There are many reasons why legal translations between English and Hebrew are often needed

When law firms and other businesses are engaged in matters that cross jurisdictional boundaries, they may find themselves needing to translate legal texts of critical importance. This is certainly frequently the case when one of the jurisdictions involved is Israel, where Hebrew is the official and native language.

Your law firm may need foreign document translation to translate documents between Hebrew and English as part of its preparation for court or arbitration proceedings. Or perhaps your business is in another industry such as finance, travel, consulting, advertising or healthcare?

One common situation for which Hebrew legal translation services may be required, for example, is a company in England taking over or merging with a company in Israel, or the other way round. If this is the case for you, being able to fully understand every detail of legal agreements will be absolutely imperative to avoid future legal problems.

Why turn to LingArch for your legal translation requirements?

While we are not the only company that offers legal translation from Hebrew to English and vice versa, we are especially distinguished in our field due to our commitment to great value, exacting quality and fast turnarounds.

Indeed, we only use native speakers for all of our legal translation work, these well-qualified professionals possessing a thorough understanding of both the origin and target language for a particular document. We also take great pride in client confidentiality, with all of our employees and independent contractors signing binding non-disclosure agreements.

Furthermore, our legal translation services are certified by ISO, which – combined with our competitive and flexible pricing model – helps to make us almost unrivalled when it comes to all aspects of legal translation between Hebrew and English.

We offer three broad legal translation services. The most popular of these is an entirely human, three-stage translation service. It involves a native speaker undertaking the initial translation of the text, before two independent experts further examine and refine it to ascertain that the style and terminology are as good as they can be.

Also available from us is a combined machine translation and post editing service, which entails a machine-based algorithm performing the first translation of the text, followed by scrutiny and editing by an appropriately qualified human proofreader.

Finally, there is also the option of entirely automated translation. This service heightens the risk of errors being left behind and is not suitable for more sensitive legal matters, but does enable a basic understanding of what the translated text states.

hebrew translation services
hebrew translation services

Don’t trust any other company with your Hebrew to English, or English to Hebrew translations

We’re very proud of our 99% client satisfaction rate, which we have achieved due to our steadfast commitment to providing the quickest and very best legal translations at the right price.

LingArch constantly has multiple teams working in different time zones to cater to the needs of clients, and an expedited service is also available for an additional fee to significantly shorten the turnaround time.

So, even if you have an especially urgent need for legal translation between Hebrew and English, it’s well worth getting in touch with us for a free estimate, which we can provide within minutes.