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What Is consecutive Interpretation?

Consecutive interpreting is a type of interpretation in which the speaker speaks a few phrases in their own language (source language) while the interpreter is taking notes and waiting for them to stop. Afterward, the interpreter’s task is to reproduce the speaker’s words in the target language.

How does the consecutive interpretation process work?

As explained above, there are two individuals involved in consecutive interpretation: the speaker and the interpreter. The process begins with the speaker saying a few words, often a complete sentence, as the interpreter listens carefully and takes notes. Once the speaker stops momentarily, the interpreter then attempts to reproduce what the speaker has just said in the target language as clearly and accurately as possible.

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What qualifications and experience do consecutive Interpreters have?

Consecutive interpretation is a challenging profession. Being a successful consecutive interpreter requires the following skills:

1. Attentive listening

Refers to the ability of the consecutive interpreter to listen extremely attentively and thoroughly to take up each word that the speaker says and copy what was heard as precisely and quickly as possible.

2. Excellent language command

Consecutive interpretation calls for a high degree of competence in both the source language and the target language. Furthermore, it also requires a deep understanding of the semantic, idiomatic, and metaphorical aspects of the two languages.

3. Analytical thinking

Consecutive interpretation requires powerful analytical thinking in order to connect the distinct parts of the source speech with their right matching in the target language as quickly and accurately as possible.

4. Clever notetaking

While the speaker is talking, the interpreter will be listening carefully and taking notes. Therefore, having good notetaking skills enables them to write down the most critical parts of their speech just in time so they do not miss them while interpreting.

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We have a team of certified professional consecutive interpreters who have decades worth of experience with full command of the principles and best practices of consecutive interpretation.

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Our team of professional consecutive interpreters are experts in the languages they interpret between. They have a wide and deep linguistic repertoire and have excellent command of the stylistic aspects of top-quality consecutive interpretation.

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We offer you top-quality consecutive interpretation services that you can fully trust at a pricing scheme that suits your budget requirements.

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Through our dynamic business model, we are able to receive, process, and respond to your service requests in a short interval regardless of time zone differences.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Consecutive Interpretation Services

Interpreters often require thorough preparation whether they are tasked to work on consecutive or simultaneous interpretation assignment. Their preparation includes going through the content being discussed during the assignment as well as reviewing any relevant reference material. 

Consecutive interpretation is commonly required for smaller groups such as panel discussions where speaker can pause from time to time in order for the interpreter to interpret for the audience. From time to time, organisations use consecutive interpreters for internal meetings, interviews and trainings etc. 

The main drawback of consecutive interpretation is that it is time consuming. The speaker has to talk and pause regularly for the interpret to interpret. Due to this, meetings often run longer than usual.  Moreover, it is also difficult to cater more than one target language at a time without risking confusion. 

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