what is subtitling service

What is subtitling?

Subtitling refers to the practice of adding captions to films, TV shows, online videos, and other forms of audiovisual media to convey spoken dialogue. This can either be a transcription in the same language, or it could be a translation of the spoken dialogue into another language completely.

What are the key features of a good subtitling service?


Subtitles need to reflect the spoken dialogue accurately and precisely. This is in terms of conveying the exact wording and meaning of the dialogue. However, they must not be too long to read.


When it comes to timing, every line of subtitles needs to appear exactly with the beginning of speech (in-cue) and disappear exactly or shortly after in ends (out-cue). Any mistake in this process can cause the subtitles to be out of sync with audiovisual media.


Good subtitles need to be comfortable in terms of font type, size and color. They also need to show on the screen long enough for viewers to be able to read them yet not too long that they overlap with the rest of the speech in the audiovisual media.


Formatting involves either keeping the subtitles in a separate file or burning them into the audiovisual media using special software. The second option is most seen in movies and similar media.

What languages do we provide for subtitling services?

Just as in translation, LingArch provides professional subtitling services in 100+ languages. Whether you require Asian, Middle Eastern or European languages, we have got you covered. We have extensive experience catering our clients globally to meet their subtitling requirements into any language.

What are the different types of subtitles?

Open caption

Subtitles need to reflect the spoken dialogue accurately and precisely. This is in terms of conveying the exact wording and meaning of the dialogue. However, they must also not be too long to read.

Closed caption

Closed caption subtitles are the ones that can be turned on or off as needed. They are very popular as they can be found on popular video streaming websites such as Netflix and YouTube.

SDH Subtitles

These are similar to closed caption subtitles in that they can be turned on or off. However, the difference is that SDH subtitles also describe audible details and sounds in the audiovisual material to aid people with hearing disabilities.

Why choose LingArch for subtitling services?

  • Extensive experience in the field of subtitling. 
  • Quick turnaround and customized solutions for the clients. 
  • Successfully delivered over 900+ projects in various languages. 
  • Dedicated project management teams. 
  • Capabilities to handle 100+ languages in-house. 
  • ISO certified quality control and assurance for all subtitling projects.
  • Availability of weekend teams to work on time sensitive projects over the weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions About Subtitling Services

Our process is fairly straightforward. We provide transcription, translation, SRT creation and hardcoding of the subtitles under one roof. Once we receive the video from the client, we ask them to provide the language in which subtitles are required along with their deadline. Based on the given requirements, we deploy our respective teams to work on subtitling the video.

Subtitling makes the video more accessible and interactive. Having a video subtitled in different languages makes it easier for the brand to communicate its message to different audience.

Our pricing is based on per minute basis. Other elements include how quickly do you require the video to be subtitled. Please reach out to us to discuss your requirements.

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