Translations of any kind take a focused, nuanced understanding of the source document to preserve its true meaning, but legal translation requires a specialist’s touch. This has increased the expectations for what to look for when choosing legal translation agency.

Legal practices and disciplines communicate in dense, legalese characterised by technical terms and phrases with precise meanings. Failure to make a letter-perfect copy in another language could result in frustrating delays or costly legal penalties.

While any translating agency may capture the gist of these documents, only a global translation company like LingArch can produce accurate translations that decipher the law down to its smallest detail. Our practised legal translators understand the importance of a perfect translation, and they have the industry experience to make sure they deliver it every time.

As per our standard, each and every translator in our pool of resources has a degree in the field of legal translation and more than eight years of experience in legal document translation services. We rigorously test our linguists to ensure they use the correct legal terminologies while delivering quality deliverables each time they engage in a project.

Given the complexity of the legal industry, our premier legal translation services cover a variety of practices and disciplines. Here are eight of them below:

1. Litigation Support Services

If you need access to past court proceedings recorded in another language, an international translation agency can easily translate the proceedings on your behalf.

Apart from past proceedings, law firms frequently use our translation services in cross-border litigation proceedings, specifically during the discovery process, which allows both parties to collect evidence from each side.

Traditionally, this evidence can be found in physical documents stored in file cabinets, but as more of the world goes digital, it’s increasingly common to find evidence stored on databases, video files, emails, and even social media accounts.

At LingArch, we’re prepared to follow and translate the evidence wherever it takes us. Our modern translation services take a sophisticated approach to E-Discovery, or the collection of electronic evidence gathered from digital files and the Internet.

We also provide court reporting for more immediate litigation needs. Our court reporters maintain an impartial role throughout the judicial process to capture the words spoken in court before preparing a verbatim transcript of the proceedings.

You will find more about our capabilities on court reporting on our website. We provide both remote and on-site court reporting services catering clients that require same day transcript delivery for their hearings.

2. International Arbitration

Arbitration, a process whereby two or more parties settle a dispute outside the courtroom, requires transparent communication at every step. The results of this private dispute resolution are legally binding, so it’s crucial all parties understand their rights and obligations.

That’s why legal translation services are so important in international arbitration. One of our specialists acts as an unbiased third party you can trust to deliver accurate translations regardless of your focus.

In the past, LingArch has completed flawless translations for disputes in a variety of industries. Our teams of skilled translators have worked on arbitration cases relating to aviation, construction, financial, gas and oil, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, and more.

We also have extensive experience working with global law firms on arbitration matters related to the following institutions:

  • International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
  • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  • London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)
  • Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)
  • Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC)

3. Intellectual Property

If you’re looking to register a patent, copyright, or registered trademark in another language, an accurate translation is the difference between securing the ownership of your intellectual property and seeing it repurposed or sold by another.

Our IP translators can safeguard ownership of inventions, creative works, designs, and more in the languages you need. More still, our experience as an international translator service ensures our translations reflect the unique jurisdictional needs of each country’s IP laws.

4. Corporate

A corporate lawyer is a kind of jack of all trades. They handle various tasks involved in the founding and continued operation of a corporation, including employment law, government reporting, and taxes.

When a corporation expands to a new country or acquires another company in an international merger, its translators must be just as adaptable as these lawyers.

5. Capital Markets

Capital market translations are a crucial underpinning of the financial world when issuers and underwriters span multiple countries and languages. With potentially billions of pounds hanging in the balance, these transactions rely on documents written with technical precision in each language — and industry.

Here’s where it pays to partner with a globally recognised agency known for its expertise in a wide range of services. With legal and financial specialists on staff, our translators ensure currency conversions, audits, and financial reports remain accurate in every language.

More specifically, we can deftly handle IPO documents, when a private corporation opens its shares to the public, and Prospectuses, documents that share details about investments available to the public. LingArch translators understand the time sensitivity surrounding these translations, so they work diligently to meet all deliverables with flawless text.

6. Insolvency & Restructuring

Insolvency law can involve restructuring debt in a way that alters when and how an individual or entity repays what they owe. If that fails, these lawyers negotiate the liquidation of assets to repay any outstanding debts.

In either case, these proceedings require the same level of fastidious attention to detail as capital market law. Accurate translations ensure the rights, obligations, and converted currencies leave no room for interpretation.

7. Competition/Antitrust

Competition law, which is better known as antitrust law, prevents market distortion caused by anti-competitive practices, such as price fixing and group boycotts. While most countries have antitrust legislation in place, the details of these laws are unique to each political entity. An antitrust translation expert helps you navigate the practical details of these laws so that you or your client don’t break them.

8. Shipping & Maritime

Whether you’re settling a shipping dispute or looking to expand your business into new territorial seas, you need to follow local maritime or admiralty law, in whatever language they might be written.

Taking legal translation services for shipping and to the open water, LingArch provides unparalleled work translating this nautical legislation for your head office and the captains and crews of your ships.

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Tips for Finding Legal Translation Services

Immigration applications, purchase agreements, and insolvency acts — these are just some of the complex documents you might need translated. They require a special touch if you want to understand their true meaning in your language, so it’s crucial you find an agency that goes above and beyond machine translation.

To help you find legal translation services with the industry-specific expertise you need, look for legal translation company that offers the following skills and accreditations.

Multiple Languages

One of the most important factors when looking for the best legal translation service is its ability to translate. Whether you’re a boutique firm or an international law firm, you need an agency that offers nuanced translations in all the major languages.

Here at LingArch, our accredited linguists are native speakers of more than 120 languages. Some of our most popular work is in the following languages:


When looking for legal translation services, you want to partner with an established agency. LingArch was founded in 2000, which means we’ve been providing flawless legal translations for more than 20 years. A long and distinguished history like ours proves an agency’s work stands the test of time.

The best legal translation services also provide industry-specific translators for all their assignments. These experienced professionals specialise in the legal industry, so they can competently make informed translations.

ISO Certification

The International Organization for Standardisation (or ISO, for short) is a globally recognised, non-governmental body that sets standards for a variety of industries, including translating services. Only those agencies that meet the high standards of the ISO can earn a certification.

Here at LingArch, our ISO certification is our quality assurance, proving to our customers we follow international best practices for our management system.

Superior Customer Service

Lastly, your search hinges on finding a translation company that values its clients and are willing to go an extra mile to meet their requirements. Clients prefer to work with agencies that are easy to work with, whenever you need their services.

With dedicated, international teams working over the weekend, LingArch is available 24/7. We’re happy pulling extended hours to meet high-priority rush projects, ensuring our turnaround matches even your tightest deliverables.

Get a Specialist’s Touch

When it comes to translating legal documents, the law allows no room for error. You need a perfect translation to ensure you understand and follow it — whether the source material is in English, Arabic, or Spanish.

At LingArch, we have accomplished legal Spanish translators who provide prompt, accurate English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation services. But with a team of 1,500 accomplished translators who speak more than 120 languages, we can help you with almost any project.

To learn how we can make a skillful translation for your legal practice, get in touch soon. One of our knowledgeable representatives can provide a no-obligation quote for your project today.