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Translation Services

Document Translation Services

If you have documents no-matter their format, we can review and translate them for you. Our pricing is based on word-count and the required expediency of the delivery. Contact us for a FREE quotation.

Website Localisation

We can translate your website's content on a page-to-page basis to ensure its readiness for an international market. This type of translation exceeds the quality of automatic website translation as we're able to tailor your messaging to speak to differing cultures and values.

Software/App Localisation

If you've created a piece of software or an application with success, getting it translated is a logical approach to take when you wish to increase your user base. We can help you translate and re-position your software or application for international markets.

Multimedia Localisation

Chances are you already have some excellent marketing collateral for your business. We can help you translate and repurpose your existing multimedia assets such as video and audio to accommodate a wider audience on a global level.


Looking to market globally? Transcreation is a much more creative way of translating that is particularly useful for creating original marketing content such as taglines and slogans whilst maintaining emotion, style, and context.

Terminology Creation

We can create a glossary of culturally-suitable terminology for international teams in order to unify how they speak about and refer to your goods and services.

Post Edited Machine Translation

If you've opted for machine translation (automated translation) this service gives you an extra level of accuracy by having your translation checked and amended by a native speaker.

Why LingArch for your translation services?

  • We guarantee accuracy
  • Our work is of the highest quality
  • We always use native speakers
  • We can provide certified translations
  • We can provide quick turnaround times

Translation FAQs

LingArch has the capabilities to provide multilingual communication services in any language. As per our recent analysis, we are able to translate in over 120+ languages.

Timelines for the delivery of translations depends on a variety of factors such as the number of words, language pair, file format and subject matter of the document. On a standard basis, we can translate around 2,500 words per day however this volume can be increased for any rush projects

Yes, always. All our translators are native speakers. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all our translators are native. We do not accept applications from non-native candidates.

In general, we receive files via email. For larger files, we often use secure FTP such as Mimecast or Dropbox.

Our pricing is based on per word basis which is the most transparent pricing matrix in the industry. The cost depends on the number of words to be translated, language pair and the format of the document. We always request our clients to share the documents in order to receive an accurate cost estimate.

Since our translators are all native speakers, most are based in-country. This is extremely beneficial as it means that the translator is up-to-date with language trends, cultural trends, slang, news and the general mood in their native country.

Yes, we work on rush projects on a frequent basis. Expedited turnaround is available for an additional fee and will reduce turnaround time by approximately 50%. Expedited projects are flagged as high-priority, moved to the front of the queue, and extended hours are worked to ensure the quickest turnaround possible.

Yes, we have a dedicated team that is available over the weekend to handle any urgent requirements.

To provide the best quality translations, we use tried-and-tested translators, matched to the specific industry domain of the client. We ensure that the translations are proofread by multiple proofreaders to guarantee the quality.

Yes, we are able to provide certified translations.

Yes, we offer notarisation as an option on all certified translations for an additional fee.