Global law firms operating within commercial litigation and international arbitration often have the need to outsource litigation support services to external providers for a number of reasons. The key reason why law firms outsource litigation support services is to ensure that they focus solely on the case and let reliable service providers handle elements that can be time consuming and require administrative element during on-going litigation. Legal transcription service is among some of the frequently required services by law firms. Legal transcriptions are required during arbitration hearings, court proceedings and legal hearings, witness interviews and during investigations. Before jumping into the benefits of legal transcription services, it is essential to understand what is legal transcription and how is it performed.


Use of legal transcription services in court proceedings

Legal transcription services play a vital role during court proceedings as they are written record of everything that was said or discussed during the proceedings. The reason why they are essential is because they serve as a reference to specific points during the proceedings. 

  • Legal transcripts help lawyers save time on their respective cases

With legal transcription services in-place during court proceedings, lawyers have the privilege to read the written format of the hearing rather than listening to the audio and having any back and forth. Legal transcripts can also be marked or highlighted in order to underline any important information that can be helpful towards the outcome of the legal matter. 

  • Increases accuracy of the legal testimony 

While legal transcription process can be tedious and requires a lot of attention to detail, it increases the accuracy of the legal testimony that is provided during the court proceedings and such records can be stored in an accurate manner in case they serve to be as a reference for similar legal matters. 


How does legal transcription help to ensure accuracy in court proceedings?

There are numerous reasons why international and boutique litigation law firms use legal transcription services. One of the main reasons is for having increased efficiency during document review process and have easy access to the information that is required. Transcripts are best format for the attorneys as they are in written format and have allocated time coded stamps. Any essential information within the transcripts can be highlighted which adds further efficiency in the entire review process. Highlighted information can be reused as and when it is required which saves time. Legal transcription services when handled properly can bring in variety of benefits to law firms which are mentioned above. Legal transcripts when properly stored or organized can help law firms locate the information on a case whenever required to be used. 


The future of legal transcription services 

With the passage of time, technology has changed the overall landscape of how organizations operate currently. Global organizations have started investing in technology and implementing in smart solutions to increase efficiency at workplace and reduce costs to boost profits. Within the legal transcription industry, technology has played a key role with organizations researching and developing software that rely on artificial intelligence. Current trends are focused on creating advanced software that can detect audio and transcribe speech into text using various algorithms. With the evolution of modern technology, law firms have now started using software which can convert audio recordings into transcripts which can be converted in different file formats and then stored on a secured device or in the cloud. 

In present times, legal transcription services can be relied on highly sophisticated digital transcription platforms that are able to quickly transcribe audio as well as equipped with spelling and grammar checks to provide law firms with quick and accurate transcription services. Artificial Intelligence within transcription service industry is expected to grow from 2016 – 2025. 

Work with a professional legal transcription agency 

Whether a business requires a human transcription or AI based solution, it is essential to choose a professional legal transcription agency that is experienced and is able to meet your requirements in a best way possible. Some of the key areas to consider are:

       1. Experience

Any business providing legal transcription services should have sufficient experience in the relevant field in order to understand client requirements and deliver the final transcript as per the given requirements.  

      2. Confidentiality 

Confidentiality and security are essential elements that are considered by law firms when engaging with an external vendor. An agency providing legal transcription services needs to have a secured platform where audio files can be transcribed and transcripts are secured in a secured environment.

      3. Quality and efficiency

Quality and efficiency both go hand in hand when providing transcription services. Accuracy and quick turnaround time is key when law firms are working on a case with tight deadlines. It is essential to work with an agency that is able to deliver accurate transcripts with quick turnaround. 

      4. Customer service 

As a part of service industry, it is important to have a customer service / client management team that are available 24/7 to cater clients and assist them as and when required. Law firms prefer to engage with agencies that have sound customer support and are able to respond quickly with right solution.