what is legal transcription services

What is legal transcription?

In legal proceedings, legal transcription consists of taking any audio or spoken words and transforming them into a written document in the original language, which is then made available to the client for use.
Given the extremely sensitive nature of the legal process, this makes legal transcription a very delicate task that requires maximum accuracy. Any mistakes or discrepancies can significantly impact the course of the case.
Some of the documents that tend to require legal transcription include:

    • • Depositions
    • • Interrogations
    • • Hearings
    • • Pleadings
    • • Court proceedings
    • • Summons and subpoenas
    • • Meetings and conferences
    • • Memorandums
    • • Dictations
    • • Sworn statements

What are the skills needed to be a competent legal transcriptionist?

A seasoned legal transcriptionist must possess 3 essential characteristics:

Laser-sharp listening and comprehension

In a general sense, transcription is a profession that is heavily centred around extreme accuracy in understanding the spoken content and reflecting it in written form as-is, without any addition or omission. You can then imagine how sensitive it gets when it comes to dealing with extremely delicate materials such as court hearings, sworn statements, and so on.

In-depth knowledge of legal concepts and terminology

While a legal transcriptionist does not necessarily have to hold an official law degree themselves, they nonetheless must be sufficiently well-versed in legal concepts and terminology. This allows them to navigate the audio content more easily and authoritatively.

Punctual deadline management

In the legal sector, one cannot stress how much deadlines are extremely sensitive. Thus, a seasoned legal transcriptionist must be capable of delivering the final written material on time and completely error-free

legal transcriptionist skills

How does legal transcription work?

The legal transcription service takes place in 5 main steps:

  1. Receiving the court recordings:

The first step in legal transcription is receiving a copy of the court recordings that are to be transcribed. This is an extremely sensitive step, of course, is it should be done under extreme security measures to ensure full confidentiality and integrity of the recordings.

2. Audio files transmission

As soon as the audio files are ready, they can be uploaded onto a private server, where legal transcriptionists will be able to access them and begin the transcription process. Needless to say, this step must be done under high-security measures to ensure maximum information safety and confidentiality.

3. Transcribing audio into text

Legal transcribers will listen to the voice files and utilize foot pedals to control playback. The legal transcriptionist’s job is to copy what they hear precisely without alteration. In the instance of an unclear or incomplete voice recording, the legal transcriptionist may then request clarification from the client.

4. Editing text files

Before delivering the finished output back to the client, the QA team will conduct a comprehensive examination of all the files to ensure that any errors and inconsistencies that may have happened during transcribing are identified and corrected.

5. Sending the edited files

After the text files have been edited and finalized, they are sent back to the client. This is the last step in the legal transcription process. As with step 2, returning the finalized documents back to the client is also done under strict data security measures.

Why choose our certified legal transcription services?

The work of a legal transcriptionist is particularly delicate and hard since it requires numerous talents at the same time. For starters, a qualified legal transcriptionist must be familiar with various kinds of transcription tools. They must be able to listen and type at the same time, as well as edit and proofread, to be a competent transcriptionist. Furthermore, legal transcriptionists must be well-versed in legal principles and terminology. Therefore, hiring a full-service legal transcribing service provider is the ideal option.

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Our certified legal transcriptionists are seasoned perfectionists with 10+ years’ worth of experience in the industry. They have proven understanding of legal language and are proficient with specialized audio transcription technologies.

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Our legal transcription services follow extreme confidentiality measures to ensure that all your sensitive documents are safe and secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Transcription Services

A legal transcriptionist is a native speaker with extensive knowledge of legal terminology. Their task is to manually convert these audio recordings into written text and guarantee that they are factually accurate and free of typographical errors.

To be considered reliable, every legal transcription services supplier must have a team of highly trained transcription experts. Moreover, it must also have competent Quality Assurance (QA) staff to ensure that every document is immaculate before delivering it to the client.

Our legal transcription services are fully focused to achieve 100% accuracy. We assign the most experienced transcribers to work on our projects followed by thorough quality assurance check by our proof readers to ensure 100% accuracy in our deliverables. 

Legal transcriptions can be delivered on both standard and expedited basis. The turnaround time depends on the duration and overall audio quality. For rush projects, we are able to deliver transcripts within 24 – 48 hours. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to deliver within the given time frame. 

LingArch has a strict client confidentiality police in place. All the communications and files are treated confidential at all times and are stored on our secured network. Our employees and other related professionals have signed NDAs and confidentiality agreements. We encrypt all our data which is then stored on our highly secured servers. 

Legal transcription services are often required by legal professionals such as judges, solicitors, paralegals and investigators. Legal transcription services ensure that details are recorded correctly, information can be presented accurately and the possibility of misinterpretation is reduced.

  • Ensure confidentiality for clients 
  • Respect the given timelines and aim to deliver earlier if possible
  • Recheck the transcripts for any typos 
  • Know your client needs in terms of formatting and time coding stamps
  • Clarify anything that needs to be clarified before finalising the transcript 

We accept audio and video recordings in MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, AAC, and WAV. We also accept links to streaming video and audio files available on the web.

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