Why should you translate your website?

Globalization has played a key role in organizations expanding their operations worldwide. In order to capture their respective target markets, organizations have frequent requirements to communicate to their audience in their respective languages to have a solid chance of capturing market share.  Having a website translated into multiple languages and regularly updating it has now become a key priority for global firms. Reason being that, only 30% of the global internet users speak English as their native language therefore in order to have a decent chance of targeting non-English customers, it is essential for companies to communicate with their prospective clients in their local languages.


Offering products or services to an international audience provides exposure and significant growth potential for your business. Numerous studies have discovered that consumers are more likely to complete a purchase if they can find information in their own language. You can guarantee a good browsing experience to your foreign visitors and gain market share in your industry at a limited cost. Our native speaking translators will adapt the content of your website to the culture and target audience, maintaining your brand identity while you expand into new markets. Over the years, we have helped our clients across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and North America in translating their website content making LingArch an award-winning translation agency.

website translation services
website translation services

Our Process for website translation

At LingArch, we believe that each client may have different set of requirements and goals to achieve therefore we have several different ways to carry out the translation service process depending on the needs of our clients. Before any project, we put together style guide and glossaries into all the target languages to ensure right style and terminologies are used throughout the translated content.

  1. Translation of original files
We can translate directly into your website's source code (HTML, PHP, XML, or any other format) while respecting tags' integrity. This solution is ideal for a rapid process, as it does not require the manual integration of texts into source files once the translation is delivered.
  1. Translation of content in text format
We can translate the website contents in any editable text format (such as Word or Excel). On regular basis, clients extract website content from their CMS and send it across us in either MS Word or Excel format which we translate and deliver in the same format. This approach is commonly used by clients with static websites.
  1. Translation within a CMS
If a website is managed by a CMS such as WordPress Drupal, Sitecore) we can insert the translations via API or directly within the system if access is provided. Once we have inserted the translation into the staging site or into production, we can check the content in its final context to assess the need to adapt the content to the layout, on request and free of charge.

Why use LingArch?

LingArch has been providing website translation services for over a decade. During this span of time, we have translated websites hundreds of websites in over 120+ languages with 99% client satisfaction rate. In doing so, we have worked closely with our clients to understand their goals and customised our service offerings to help them achieve them.

website translation services
website translation services

Contact us for your website translation needs

Over the years, LingArch has established itself as a professional website localisation agency, specialising in translating websites and marketing material. We work with the most talented and experienced linguists, who are not only the native speakers of your target language, but also have many years of first-hand experience within the digital marketing. If you would like to know more about our capabilities, please get in touch with us today.