Why LingArch for your Localisation requirements?

  • Our services include website localisation
  • We will ensure that you see how localisation supports translations
  • We can support your projects by providing back translation

Localisation FAQs

Translation is the process of translating the source text from one language to another. Localisation is ensuring the text is not only translated but is appropriate for the target market it is aiming to reach. Localised text should never read as though it has been translated, it should sound completely natural in the target language, and the terminology used should reflect the local language and culture.

Projects related to localisation are billed on an hourly basis depending on the time allocated to localise content or a campaign.

When working on a tagline or a slogan, our team will come up with up to two or three localised taglines including a back translation and the rationale behind each choice.

Yes, we provide website localisation in over 100+ languages. We have assisted numerous clients in various industries by localising their website content.

Back-translation is the process of verifying a translation by translating it back to the original language through a different translator. This process can reveal errors in meaning or nuance that result from local idiom or the selection of an incorrect synonym. Back-translation is mainly used in translation projects for marketing distribution where it is important for the message to not be lost in the new language.

Case Studies

The following cases are just some examples of the work we have provided. Click on them for more information.