Transcription services help deliver text from speech. The most common method is usually through digital audio files, however recently video to text has also become more known in the present scenario. Sectors like legal, public relations, financial services, and healthcare translation services are increasingly working on projects that involve the use of transcription services.

Why use Transcription services?

  • The process of transcription is one that requires a great set of skills, such as clear focus and paying attention to detail. Therefore, when companies are looking for transcriptionists, they must look at a reliable provider who is not only well-trained but has all the essential tools for the job and has relevant experience in this field. Today, transcription requirements are growing at a steady pace in various industries globally.
  • Law firms require accurate and cost-effective transcription services for court/arbitration proceedings.
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare communication agencies require transcription services for common medical uses and conventions. In brief, the demand for transcription services will likely grow in the coming years.

Advantages of Using Professional Transcription Services

  • Outsourcing transcription projects is a much more cost-effective solution when compared to automated translation services.
  • Moreover, transcription is a process that requires a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. Transcription service providers can deliver on accuracy as they have qualified transcriptionists, who have extensive experience and knowledge of transcribing accents, pronunciations, and styles.
  • Using transcription software can also result in a few errors, this is because artificial intelligence sometimes, does not pick up on the back and forth conversation of multiple speakers, this can result in improper transcription as sentences may not be broken down properly and missing pieces of information. Using a manual transcription service will eradicate this issue and resulting in an accuracy of 98%.

Why use transcription services in the legal industry?

  • Legal terminology can sometimes be profoundly confusing, as it consists of technical terms that may not be understood by those who aren’t professionals in the legal industry. This can be a serious transcription problem and one of the main reasons why law firms should hire a professional company that is reliable and able to provide benefits of legal transcription services.
  • Court/Arbitration proceedings are crucial for the parties involved in a legal matter. It is their priority to ensure that that the proceedings are fully covered and transcribed so that they are able to prepare for the case in a timely manner.