When clients ask us to provide accurate document translation for a sensitive project, there are no limits to what this work might involve. An international hotel may need help crafting a multilingual e-training document for the hotel staff, or a law firm may require 100,000 words of legal technical words translated on a tight time limit.

Regardless of your objectives or deadline, our certified document translation services always deliver accurate translations in your target language. That’s because we only ever assign qualified native speakers with professional experience in your specific industry, including the financial, legal, and medical fields.

Below, you can find out how our document translation services take shape in these three top industries.

Financial Documents That Need Translating

Businesses from around the world request our certified services, including the translation of financial statements, reports, and research. This accreditation ensures your converted text meets regulatory compliance while maintaining absolute accuracy.

But what does that mean in practice? Below, you’ll find three examples of how our financial document translations work in the real world.

1. Annual and Quarterly Reports

If a public company wants to be listed on a foreign capital market, they have to follow the strict regulatory standards of the local securities authority. That includes filing annual and quarterly reports on time and in the operating language of the regulatory agency.

When it comes time for your organization to file, it’s crucial you work with a certified international translation company. Only these professionals can ensure your translated reports reach compliance with the world’s largest stock exchanges, including the Japan Exchange Regulation, NASDAQ, and the New York Stock Exchange.

2. Auditor Reports

An auditor’s report is another common financial document that we translate here at LingArch.

This document contains a professional’s opinion about the veracity of your financial statements and whether you meet the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) of your securities authority.

By working with an experienced financial translator, you’ll be able to share this important document with confidence.

3. ESG Strategies and Sustainability Reports

As climate change and social justice issues dominate the headlines, corporate ESG strategies are under a bright spotlight. Standing for Environment, Social, and Governance, ESG disclosures reveal the pains your company takes to do good in the world.

In the past, we helped one of the largest energy companies in the world produce a multilingual report that earned numerous awards. You can expect the same due diligence if you require our certified translation services for your ESG reporting.

Legal Documents That Need Translating

Much like the financial world, the legal industry operates under a strict regulatory framework. These standards tightly control how and when you can file legal documents, as well as the content of these files.

Contracts, court filings, and patents contain a formal, technically precise language that many call legalese. It earns the irreverent nickname because it can be particularly challenging to understand without legal training.

While legalese may be confusing to the layperson, it’s the lingua franca of our legal translators. Whether converting text into English, English to Russian translation service, or English to Arabic translation services, our legal translators have extensive professional experience within the industry.

Keep scrolling to see the kinds of projects completed by our legal translation services team.

1. Confidentiality Agreements

Perhaps the most well-known confidentiality agreement is the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Signed by corporate clients, actors, and employees, NDAs safeguard sensitive information. Anyone who violates an NDA by sharing this protected info can face significant legal repercussions and costly penalties.

You might enlist our legal translation services to draw up an NDA in the appropriate languages for international clients, or you may require our assistance to understand a foreign language agreement before you sign.

2. E-Discovery

In an increasingly digital world, law firms rely on our automated document translation when entering the discovery stages of cross-border litigation support proceedings. That’s because the latest evidence often consists of emails, social media posts, and digital files rather than paper documents.

Our automated translation services are uniquely positioned to translate this electronic data, as our system can move through large volumes of evidence under a tight deadline. Our automated translation software can crunch electronic data found on the Internet or hard drives at a faster rate than our human translators.

3. Filing Patents

Legal translations for patents (the licences that bestow you the sole right to use, make, or sell Intellectual Property) must be unfailingly accurate. Even a small error might loosen the tight grip you have on your IP, increasing the risk someone could legally profit from your ideas without compensation.

Alternatively, a poor translation can cause you to misinterpret an existing patent, which can get you into legal hot water. You should always involve a certified legal translation service to ensure you don’t make these mistakes.

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Medical Documents That Need Translating

The healthcare industry is another field using highly specialised language consisting of technical terms and acronyms not widely used by the general public.

Despite its complexity, this medical language directly impacts the lives of billions of people when it influences medical care, drug patents, biotechnology, and therapeutic equipment used all over the world.

With people’s health on the line, medical translation services must provide unerring accuracy with every document. In the past, healthcare organizations have required our medical translation services for assistance with the following documents.

1. Clinical Trials

Clinic trials form the bedrock of the medical community, as they study the efficacy of medications, equipment, and procedures. The results of clinical trials help ensure the latest treatments are as safe as they are effective.

To ensure we accurately relay this research into other languages, our medical translation services undergo multiple levels of review in accordance with the EN ISO 17100:2015, as do all our other medical translation services.

2. Drug Approvals

Before foreign pharmaceutical companies receive approval from international healthcare agencies, they must undergo a rigorous translation process. This not only ensures their proposal remains medically accurate throughout the translation but that it also achieves strict regulatory standards.

In the past, we partnered with a French drug developer to convert more than 500 pages worth of documentation. Our French to English translation services helped their ground-breaking asthma medication achieve FDA drug approval in the US.

3. Patient Guides

After receiving a devastating diagnosis, patients may read a guide outlining the nature of their disease and the best choice of treatments. These guides translate complicated medical jargon into plain language so that patients can understand their new condition.

Depending on the demographics of your hospital or treatment center, you may need to provide patient guides in multiple languages. Choosing an experienced medical translation service guarantees the accuracy of your new text in simple, easy-to-understand language.

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