Medical transcription services are crucial for medical and healthcare for a number of reasons as they convert all the essential information in audio format into text making the medical data accessible and easy to be stored for future reference. Without medical transcripts, it would become extremely difficult for medical professionals to perform their duties making it challenging to access right information of a patient as and when it’s required to be used. In present times, hospitals/clinics, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations as well as medical and healthcare communications agencies utilise medical transcription services on a number of projects. While majority of organizations commonly use human medical transcribers to transcribe audio into transcripts, new trends are focusing on using artificial intelligence and other speech to text software to transcribe medical audio files into transcripts which is both efficient and cost effective. 


As mentioned above, medical transcription services are utilised frequently by medical professionals due to which it is essential to understand the types of medical transcription services that are commonly provided by medical transcription service providers. 

1.Medical Conference, Congresses, Symposiums and Online Webinars 

 Medical transcription services are commonly required during medical conferences, global congresses, symposiums and online webinars. All these events are attended by highly experienced medical professionals due to which organizations often request for medical transcripts to be arranged. Whether the speakers are English speakers or speakers of any other languages, LingArch provides one-stop shop solution to the clients by handling transcription or handling the translation of the transcripts from one language to another. During the pandemic, a lot of organizations hosted their usual annual events and other training seminars remotely which were mostly recorded to be transcribed later. To conclude, medical transcription services are essentially required for global medical conferences. 

2. Medical interview transcription services 

Medical interviews and appointments are commonly recorded by medical boards or healthcare service providers. These interviews are recorded and transcribed so that patient records are updated and used to gather medical history of a patient. Furthermore, clinical research organizations often conduct interviews with patients which are essentially recorded and transcribed as part of a clinical study. Whether it’s an interview between a medical professional and a patient for a routine medical check-up, medical transcription services play a crucial role in gathering information in a written format so that such information can be accessed whenever required. 

3. Medical transcription of reports

Medical professionals and clinicians often use medical reports to determine patient prognosis which are often recorded using a Dictaphone. The standard practice is to store medical reports on secured databases in form of documents or transcripts that are ready to be used for medical professionals as well as shared with the patients. Reports such as consultation, medical history, radiology, pathology and discharge reports are often required to be professionally transcribed

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