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Prelude: Dutch language and culture

Dutch is a West Germanic language spoken by around 24 million people (about the population of Texas), mostly in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also in tiny groups in France, Germany, and Indonesia. It is related to other West Germanic languages like as English and German, and many people use it as a second language in the Caribbean nations of Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten, which were previously Dutch possessions.

The Dutch culture is a rich and diversified amalgamation of influences from all over the globe, including indigenous cultures from the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as cultures from other nations where Dutch has been used as a colonial or commerce language. The Dutch have a long history of foreign commerce and exploration, which has had a considerable effect on the culture and language of the country.

Don’t look anywhere else for Dutch legal translation services

It’s very understandable why you may find yourself requiring the knowhow and experience of native speakers, editors and proofreaders who will be able to translate your legal texts between Dutch and English.

After all, the Kingdom of the Netherlands – to provide its full title – is one of Western Europe’s key economies. Your law firm may conduct business routinely in the Netherlands, and therefore require a Dutch legal translation service that you can count on to be efficient, accurate and cost-effective. As a part of Germanic semantics, Dutch can be similar to German language in many aspects.

We’re proud to offer such a service here at LingArch. Approach us for a free, competitive quote for Dutch legal translation by highly qualified and capable native speakers who also possess the necessary legal knowledge to ensure genuinely accurate translations.

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Why do your Dutch legal documents need to be translated accurately?

Legal documentation is not a frivolous matter; very significant sums of money may be at stake over how the terms and clauses of a legal document are interpreted.

You will therefore only wish to seek Dutch legal translation services from skilled, diligent and experienced professionals who can translate the text of a legal document with the utmost knowledge and precision. This will help to prevent details in the Dutch translations of your legal documents being interpreted potentially very differently to the English versions.

A client-centred approach to Dutch legal translation

Here at LingArch, we provide complete language services to organisations in a variety of sectors, but are especially well-known for our foreign-language legal translations.

Our skilful and experienced translators, editors and proofreaders help to ensure every nuance of a legal document is accurately captured across all translated versions of the text. They are able to do this in part because all of our translators are native speakers and legal experts, and therefore possess an especially in-depth understanding of their native language.

We also give you a lot of options, whether you seek legal translation Dutch to English, or English to Dutch. You can choose to have your legal documents carefully translated from start to finish by a capable human translator, or you can request our post edited machine translation service.

The latter service entails the basic translation initially being performed by an algorithm. A native speaker with a high level of relevant legal knowledge will then further edit and refine the text to ensure it has been translated to the greatest standards of accuracy.

Our client-focused ethos also includes us taking appropriate steps to protect client confidentiality, and providing certified translations and notarisations if required. Especially quick turnaround times are possible, too, through our expedited service that does not compromise the accuracy and quality of the translation.

Contact us for your free quotation today, and you’ll also soon realize how competitively priced Dutch legal translation services can be.

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Dutch into English Translation Services

Dutch Document Translation Services

If you have Dutch documents no-matter their format, we can review and translate them for you. Our pricing is based on word-count and the required expediency of the delivery. Contact us for a FREE quotation.

Dutch Website Localisation

We can translate your website's content on a page-to-page basis to ensure its readiness for an English-speaking market. This type of translation exceeds the quality of automatic website translation as we're able to tailor your messaging to speak to differing cultures and values.

Software/App Localisation

If you've created a piece of software or an application with success, getting it translated is a logical approach to take when you wish to increase your user base. We can help you translate and re-position your software or application for international markets.

Multimedia Localisation

Chances are you already have some excellent marketing collateral for your business. We can help you translate and repurpose your existing multimedia assets such as video and audio to accommodate a wider audience on a global level.


Looking to market globally to an English-speaking audience? Transcreation is a much more creative way of translating that is particularly useful for creating original marketing content such as taglines and slogans whilst maintaining emotion, style, and context in English.

English Terminology Creation

We can create a glossary of culturally-suitable terminology for English teams in order to unify how they speak about and refer to your goods and services.

Post Edited Machine English Translation

If you've opted for English machine translation (automated translation) this service gives you an extra level of accuracy by having your translation checked and amended by a native English speaker.

What qualifications do our Dutch to English translators have?

At LingArch, we prioritize hiring highly experienced native-speaking specialists for all of the languages we provide, including our Dutch translation team. They are a group of seasoned specialists with a track record of success in the field, all of whom are located in Dutch-speaking nations (the Netherlands and Belgium). 

But it does not end there. Along with our skilled Dutch translation team, we have a team of keen editors, proofreaders, and QA specialists whose duty it is to ensure that all translated documents are immaculate before turning them over to the customer. 

Why LingArch for your translation services?

  • We guarantee accuracy
  • Our work is of the highest quality
  • We always use native speakers
  • We can provide certified translations
  • We can provide quick turnaround times

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