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Cultural Consulting Service FAQs

Cultural consulting is an evaluation of the source materials by a native-language subject matter expert within the context of their culture’s norms and preferences. The reviewers consider word choices, graphics, colours, tone, formatting, and overall themes. The assessment report gives clients guidance as to which concepts and content require adaptation. The assessment will also make suggestions for changes to the source to avoid communicating a confusing or inappropriate message to foreign audiences.

It is essential to consider pre-translation cultural consulting to avoid ambiguities, errors, idioms, or jargons when entering into a foreign market.

LingArch has extensive experience for cultural consulting. We have successfully carried out projects where clients were able to understand the challenges of entering global markets. Our experts around the world can help you say what you mean and avoid confusing—not to mention embarrassing—cross-cultural gaffs.

Mostly, marketing campaigns and e-learning or training courses require cultural consulting.

Our approach is to understand the requirements of our clients, assign the most experienced consultants and deliver the right plan to be executed before entering any foreign market.

Yes, the scope of work includes setting up glossary and style guide for individual markets so that appropriate style and terminologies are used for respective markets.