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In what circumstances might you require Polish legal translation? 

The Polish language is associated predominantly with Poland, where it is the native language. However, it is also spoken by millions of other people around the world, in countries ranging from Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. 

The impressive international spread of this West Slavic language is largely attributable to waves of emigration from Poland down the generations. Its prevalence, in turn, has meant it continues to be widely used in legal documentation, especially in Poland. 

Your law firm may have taken on a case that crosses jurisdictions – for example, one involving a Polish business. In the process, you may have realised that in order to fulfil your obligations, you will need to have professional legal translation between Polish and English carried out. 

Alternatively, your company – which may be in a sector such as finance, travel, hospitality, consulting or healthcare – might be set to merge with another company overseas. In situations where, for example, a company in England is taking over an organisation in Poland, there are likely to be legal documents involved that must be translated to the highest standard. 

We’re trusted leaders when it comes to worldwide legal translation 

There are many reasons why organisations around the globe consistently partner with LingArch when they require legal translation between Polish and English. 

Your business may be particularly drawn to us by our competitive and flexible pricing, or our famously fast turnarounds. Indeed, an expedited service is even available for an additional fee. 

However, it is also the remarkable quality of our ISO-certified translations that has helped to give us our present enviable reputation. We ensure this in part by only using native speakers to translate texts like yours. 

We also give our clients a choice of three popular Polish leg

al translation services, to ensure they benefit from the service that best caters to their practical and budgetary needs. 

The service that most of our clients tend to prefer is our three-stage human translation service. For this service, only human legal and linguistic experts are used – one translator and two subsequent independent proofreaders, to ensure appropriate style and an accurate translation. 

We are also pleased to offer, however, a service that combines machine translation with human proofreading, as well as an entirely automated translation service. The latter service is suitable when the client simply wishes to understand the basic meaning of a given document. 

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With our client satisfaction rate of 99%, we’ve consistently proven here at LingArch that we can be trusted to undertake even the most sensitive legal translation assignments, for all manner of organisations and industries. 

Enquire today to find out more about why we’re the first name many respected firms think of when they need legal translation services from Polish to English, and vice versa.

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