french translation services

Understanding the French language and culture 

French is an Indo-European language of the Romance family. It, like other Romance languages, developed from the Latin of the Roman Empire. Its closest cousins are the languages traditionally spoken in northern France and southern Belgium.

French is the fifth most spoken language in the world, behind Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, and Arabic, with an estimated 300 million native speakers. Furthermore, it is the only language outside English that is spoken across all five continents.

These facts easily make French one of the most in-demand languages in the translation industry. This is even further reinforced by the fact that French is one the 6 main languages of United Nations alongside Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish.

french translation services

French to English legal translation for law firms

At LingArch, we understand that law firms have ongoing requirements to translate legal documents from English into French and vice versa. Keeping in view of this growing demand, we have teams working in various time zones to ensure that we are available to cater the needs of our clients as and when required. Our expert French translators have experience working with all types of legal documents including patent applications, merger and acquisition agreements, trademarks and copyrights contracts, wills and trusts, employment and other business documents, leases, and much more.

Retail and Ecommerce

In order to establish a valuable eCommerce presence in international markets, it’s vital to speak your customer’s language. LingArch translation services help set up global retailers for international success with eCommerce. Over the years, we have assisted global retailers in translating their marketing content into French.In addition to French document translation, we also provide French simultaneous interpretation, French consecutive interpretation, French accurate transcription, French staffing solutions, diversity and inclusion consulting, and French typesetting and graphic services.

french translation services
french translation services

Travel and Hospitality

LingArch is a reliable and trusted provider of language services that cater to travel and hospitality companies worldwide. Our translation services have enabled global travel and hospitality chains to easily launch in new markets and attract new customers which has resulted in higher revenues.


Our language solutions support the needs of business and financial organizations so that they can create great relationships with their customers in any language, globally. To ensure that our financial translation services clients receive the highest-quality French translation and related business services, we have hundreds of French financial translators and project managers that have prior training and/or experience in the French financial services market.  Some of the documents that we routinely translate into French are Fact Sheets, Fund Reports, Audit Reports and Initial Public Offerings.

french translation services
french translation services

Healthcare and Life Sciences

As a professional translation agency, LingArch has supported on the development and launch of drugs and treatments globally. We have hundreds of certified French translators with specific medical translation specialization. All of our specialized French translators for the Life Sciences have extensive knowledge working with an array of documents including French clinical trial questionnaires, French CRFs, French IFUs, French informed consents, French package inserts and labels, French patient surveys, French product datasheets, French protocols, and more.

Challenges of French to English legal translation

In a general sense, the challenges of legal translation are the same regardless of the language involved. This is due to the highly strict and accurate nature of legal documents. Other major challenges translating legal documents to and from French include:

Differences in legal system

Legal systems may differ from region to region, and even from country to country. This poses a challenge in finding the best way to explain certain legal terminology used in the target language as clearly and accurately as possible.

The sensitive nature of legal materials

Legal documents are extremely sensitive on several levels. For one thing, there is no room for mistranslation. None! Any slight discrepancy can detrimentally impact the legal process. Translation must be extremely precise and accurate.

Tight deadlines

Deadlines are promises that cannot be broken. And in legal translation, this cannot be emphasized enough. The sensitive nature of the legal process necessitates extreme punctuality and leaves absolutely no room for latency.

Our Quality Assurance Process for French document translation services

At LingArch, our team of certified, sworn legal translators is comprised of professionals with 10+ years of experience in the field.

1) Based in France

Our professional French legal translators are native speakers of the language. They are based either in France or other French-speaking countries such as Belgium and Canada. This allows them to provide the best quality translation and gives them extra flexibility to serve you around the clock.

2) Fully confidentiality

Our legal translation services adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines to guarantee that all your important documents are kept safe and secure from the moment we receive them, throughout the translation and QA process, all the way until they are delivered back to you.

3) A super-fast and budget-friendly service

We guarantee that we will always meet the deadline, even if it is aggressive. Do you work with a restricted amount of money? There is no need to worry about it. Our price system is very adaptable and is accessible to you!

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Thrive in France with our proven translation process

France will always be one of the highest-profile business destinations in Western Europe for organisations in a wide range of sectors. That, in turn, routinely necessitates the translation of documents into multiple languages.

It is imperative to ensure, however, that such documents are translated absolutely accurately. Serious sums of money can be tied up in agreements between organisations large and small, so you must ensure all parties will understand the English and French variants of your documents the same way.

This helps to explain why we won’t take any risks when you request French translation services from our team at LingArch. Not only will we suitably protect client confidentiality, for instance, through binding non-disclosure agreements, but we also only entrust genuine native speakers with the task of actually carrying out every translation.

French to English legal translation
french legal translation

Talk to us about your translation needs French to English... or English to French

The translation of French documents into English, or the other way around, is exceedingly sensitive and important work. Just one or two inaccurately translated phrases in a document could prove extremely costly to your business.

Thankfully, here at LingArch, we follow the policies that allow us to ensure unfailinglyaccurate translation work, each and every time.

We don’t even accept applications from non-native speakers for our translator posts, such is the importance of possessing a high level of proficiency in the given language for translation work. Indeed, we ensure our translators are experts in both the origin and target language of your documents.

Furthermore, we give you several possible ways for your document to be translated. You may, for instance, desire your next translation English to French to be carried out by human translators from the very start of the process.

Alternatively, you may ask us about our post edited automated translation service. This entails a machine-based algorithm quickly translating the legal text into a rough draft, which our human translators and proofreaders will then continue editing and refining, to ensure the greatest accuracy.

Whichever service you select, you can expect the same consistently flawless standards of service, complete with other options such as notarisation or an expedited turnaround process, if desired.

We won’t compromise when you place your faith in us

Such is the critical importance of accurately translated legal documents, that you simply can’t afford to ‘cut corners’ with your next legal translation to French or English.

So, we won’t do that, either. Whatever ‘extras’ you might request from us, we’ll apply the same exacting standards to ourISO-certified translation, editing and proofreading work.

We have recorded a 99% client satisfaction rate, and translate documents for individuals and organisations based around the world. You could soon become one of them, by getting in touch with us for a free and competitive quotation.

french legal transation services

Frequently Asked Questions About French Translation Services

Our success rate is 99.8 percent for translating French documents which is mainly due to our quality assurance and quality control process that is applied on every single project.

The turnaround time depends mainly on the number of words to be translated. On standard basis, we require 2 business days to translate and proofread up to 3,000 words.

Our translation process is a thorough process in which our project manager assigns the most appropriate and experienced translator with relevant experience translating that particular subject matter. This is to ensure that the assigned translator has sufficient experience and cultural knowledge regarding that topic. Furthermore, our proofreaders are equally well-versed to make sure our translations are culturally appropriate.

Our translators translating from English into French are native French speakers with over 8+ years of experience in translating documents from English into French. Our translators have vast experience in a number of domains which include legal, financial, public relations, healthcare and life sciences.

On regular basis, we translate variety of legal documents from French into English which include court documents, contracts, non-disclosure agreements, power of attorney (PoA), articles of association, affidavits etc.