Multimedia Services

Voice over services

We can provide professionally recorded voice overs whether they be narration for a documentary or a range of character performances for an animation or live-action TV show. We ensure the tone, dialect and structure of the original is retained in every recording.


Subtitling is a fast and efficient way to repurpose and syndicate your existing multimedia content for international audiences, while retaining the original look-and-feel.

Desktop Publishing

Multimedia is much more than video and audio. We can help you produce multiple language variants of desktop published media such as keynote presentations, leaflets, stationery, magazines, booklets and much more.

Script Translation

If you have a script that's yet to be produced into a video or piece of audio content. You can expedite the production of your international versions by having your script pre-written into multiple languages. We can also transcribe your existing multimedia content into multiple language scripts.

Video Game Localisation

If you’ve created or published a video game. We can make sure the game and all its marketing collateral such as packaging and commercials are understood and enjoyed by an international audience through video production transcription services, translation, overdubbing, localisation and more.

Why LingArch for your Multimedia requirements?

  • We have multimedia centres around the world
  • We are able to provide a wide range of high quality services
  • We are able to provide a subtitling service
  • You will be able to hear what your text will sound like as a voiceover
  • You will be fully involved in all aspects of the project

Multimedia FAQs

LingArch provides a variety of multimedia services which include animation, voice-over, subtitling, desktop publishing, dubbing, video editing & localisation and multimedia strategy.

We have three multimedia production centres located in Kuala Lumpur, Manchester and San Francisco.

Yes, it is. It’s important that you have the clearest idea possible of how your text will sound as a voice-over. We are more than happy to record up to 30” as a sample.

LingArch will provide the client with an estimated cost and some with some voice samples. Upon receiving confirmation on the cost and the selected voice talent, we will set up a session time with the voice over artist and the client. Once the session has been recorded, we will edit all the audio files to clean them up and level match them (what we call “processing” ) and get them to you via FTP, YOUSENDIT, WETRANSFER or email if the files are small.

We totally encourage our clients to participate in the live session either in person, by Skype, ISDN or phone patch. Phone patch is simply a professional audio unit that lets you be patched into a live session in the studio by dialling in from a normal phone. This allows you to communicate with the artist and producer and ensures that you get the pace, tone and feel to the recording that you require.

For most voice over projects, we are happy to re-record, free of charge, for reasons due to pace, tone & overall style as we want our clients to be 100% satisfied with the finished recording.

Over the years, we have worked on numerous voiceover projects which include:
Live broadcast.
Documentary narrations.
Corporate narrations.
Explainer videos.
Web video. Straight / character reads.
TV and radio commercials.
Voice of God ( live or recorded event announcing) On-hold / IVR.

Just like translation services, we are able to provide subtitling services in over 120+ languages.

We can deliver the subtitles in a text file, or in over 30 subtitle document formats. We can burn-in the subtitles to any video file format, or create a DVD master with language selection menu and subtitle on/off feature. Or we can deliver the subtitles as an alpha channel to drop into your own video edit.

We can subtitle into all file formats, and in any size required. Common file formats include: .mov, .flv, .mp4, .wmv, .mpg, and .avi.

Multimedia Some of Our Case Studies

The following Case Studies are brilliant examples of companies we have worked with on multimedia translation before. Click for more informaion on multimedia translation solutions.

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