As technology shrinks the world into a global village, our translation services ensure people and businesses can communicate with each other clearly.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with someone on the other side of the world. With a simple click of a button, you can send a message that would have taken months to arrive by mail only a short time ago. Technology like this has brought everyday people together easier than ever before.

But what happens when your company is trying to connect with a client or organisation that doesn’t speak your language? While technology has all but eliminated the physical barriers standing in your way, language may be the remaining hurdle preventing you from making serious inroads into international markets.

As far as obstacles go, language can be as effective as a brick wall for how easy it is to overcome on your own. That’s why professional translation services will always be the cornerstone of success for international businesses, law firms, and medical professionals. Our talented linguists remove all language barriers by providing full-service translation and transcription services on a global scale.

While nearly every industry can benefit from working with LingArch professionals, some fields regularly rely on our translation services for their everyday operations. Here are four of them below.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare is a multi-trillion-pound industry that employs millions of professionals worldwide. Doctors, nurses, dentists, equipment manufacturers, lab technicians, pharmaceutical companies, dentists, and more — these are just a small sample of the individuals and organisations that benefit from medical translation services.

With such variety in the industry, our medical translation services accommodate a wide array of projects. For example, our professionals can help in patient care by converting essential medical records and lab results for doctors, insurance companies, and pharmacists. In other instances, we help drug manufacturers translate clinical trials and brochures.

We also provide healthcare transcription services to convert audio files into edited text. Our professional transcriptionists are highly trained to recognize spoken healthcare jargon and acronyms with ease. Our team can also understand heavy accents and flag any potential dictation errors that automated transcription services often miss.

Although these projects may differ greatly in scope, our medical translation services deliver the same level of accuracy each time.

2. Legal

When a single misinterpretation can null an entire contract or change the meaning of a witness’ statement, legal service translations are some of the most intricate projects LingArch linguists can work on. That’s why we uphold our legal service translation team to incredibly high standards, requiring each professional to have several years of experience as a specialised legal translator.

Our certified legal translation services provide global clients access to foreign language documents, court evidence, and contracts. The best legal translation services can help you interpret dense technical terms, writs, and maxims and produce an accurate, technically flawless copy in your language.

3. Financial

Without financial translation services, many international trades and business expansions would fall flat. These translation services don’t just ensure data is accurate to the last decimal in every currency. Our financial translation services go beyond the black and white of corporate account books to help businesses navigate international law, achieve compliance, and maintain branding messages.

This wide range of priorities can often push automated translating services to their limits. A linguist, on the other hand, can easily move from audits, equity research, and disclosure agreements with ease. These professionals can even help actualise your company’s plans to go public.

With an Initial Public Offering (IPO), you have a legal responsibility to register for a public offering and file annual and quarterly reports to international shareholders. Our translators produce these documents in any language you need, including the translation of foreign currency financial statements to ensure you’re fulfilling your obligations as an IPO.

With billions of pounds, dollars, or yen on the line, it’s crucial translation services provide consummate work at every step. Here at LingArch, we ensure accuracy by assigning experienced financial linguists who specialise in your unique task.

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4. Advertising and PR

Translating for advertising and PR purposes differ from the previous examples. Legal, medical, and financial translation services book no room for interpretation, so they require word-for-word translations to maintain accuracy.

Marketing translation services, on the other hand, are a little more flexible. They often benefit from linguists taking artistic licence. That way, your brand’s personality and message make the same powerful impact in every language.

Our marketing translation services include a wide range of tasks, including localising your website, providing voiceovers and subtitles, and transcreating ad campaigns.

Our transcreators are creative copywriters who have years of experience as translators. They fall back on outstanding copywriting experience to punch up slogans, ads, and press releases with your intended audience in mind. They tweak their translation to reflect your target audience’s unique cultural perspective and language quirks without compromising on tone or style.

When it comes to transcreation — the process where we adapt your marketing campaign for foreign audiences — having a native speaker beats out machine translation services every time. Today’s technology can’t balance technical and creative priorities like a talented linguist, which can result in unfortunate branding errors for any company that skips on transcreation.

One expensive example is when HSBC mistranslated its hard-hitting investment slogan “Assume Nothing” as “Do Nothing” in many foreign markets. This abysmal call to action, which cost the global wealth manager $10 million (£6.8 million) in rebranding, could have been avoided if they had a LingArch transcreator on the job.

Our Translators Work in a Wide Range of Industries

As a global language agency, LingArch understands better than most just how much hangs in the balance when you need to translate or transcribe documents into another language. Every day, we help international organisations with full-service language solutions to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

Don’t see your industry on the list? You can still get a top translator to help you with your next project. We have thousands of linguists on our team, allowing us to specialise in hundreds of languages and industries not included here today. Call us or ask for a quote to see how we can help.